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alright guys. I am just so upset about this, I mean. look at this kid
this idol, Junhyeok from DAY6 was basically forced to leave the band by netizens. they were all criticizing him for "dating a fan." Like, guys. 1. Calm down: Why does it matter to you? I mean, it isn't your life, and it's not like you own the guy. 2. Mind your own freaking business: He isn't on stage and an idol for us to control his life and go digging through his PERSONAL LIFE 3. RESPECT HIS PRIVACY: Would any of you netizens out there like people digging through your personal life? I. Don't. Think. So. He deserves the same respect we give to anybody else. 4. As a fan, accept him as he is: there is no freaking rule that he can't date a fan, and if he is, as fans we should respect his decisions and accept it. cause honestly, I bet 99.999% of all u fans out there don't even know him personally, so get the hell out of his life. 5. Concert etiquette: ok, so I saw at a recent live concert they had, before Junhyuk left, NO ONE cheered for him. This is just taking it too far. Why must he have to change his entire life to please his fans? His job is to give us enjoyment through his MUSIC NOT HIS LIFE. 6. Think about what you post and say before u do anything: He left the band all because of the hurtful comments and posts about him. he had worked so freaking hard to debut and be able to stand on that freaking stage to share the music that he and DAY6 makes. Who are we to take his dream away from him? He probably didn't want to leave either. He probably just left so that he wouldn't cause anymore trouble for his company and friends. 7. HIS MISTAKE?!: Some fans are saying that its his mistake that caused him to get antis forcing the poor guy to give up his dream. No. just no. It was all because fans turned dating into a crime. It isn't a mistake guys. especially not his. 8. Enough is enough: think about this from his point of view. he must have felt terrible for something that is COMPLETELY acceptable. all you netizens who caused him to leave (you know who u r) I hope that you are happy that you killed his dream and probably broke his heart. How do u think he felt when no one cheered for him but cheered for the others. How do u think the rest of DAY6 feels about him leaving. like really?
I hope that you people who forced him to leave realize what you have done. I mean, how does no one realize that if he really was dating that person, he would stop her from revealing all those secrets and photos. It just doesn't add up. Normally idols either announce that they are in a relationship publicly or keep it a secret. And not to mention the fact they exposed her personal info as well? Also, jow eould she get into their dorm? i mean, the manager would probably prevent her from entering. It doesn't make sense to me. Not to mention how is DAY6 going to explain their name now? and who is going to sing his parts? I hope he is happier without having to worry about the people who pressured him to leave. I understand why he left and I would probably do the same if I was in his position. BE HAPPY JUNHYEOK! THERE WILL ALWAYS BE TRUE FANS TO LOVE YOU!!!! for those who want to see where I based all this off of:
I'm so upset about this. He was my favorite member of Day6, I love him so much. I hope he goes on to continue his dreams in a way other than Day6. He's so talented, needs to be heard. I'll support him in whatever he chooses to do.
@ToppDogg same! the netizens need to grow up!
People are so immature these days. Not one famous person can go out because they get critiqued by those that think they know everything but can't do anything other than spend their time on the computer while stuffing there faces with chips. That's all they are, idiots with electronics saying mean things because they're too close minded to actually CONSIDER OTHERS FEELINGS. It honestly pisses me off in knowing that he left because of those idiots that can't accept reality and have to bring them down just because what happens in fanfictions doesn't happen to them. *Prays for them* (I don't mean this as an insult.)
This is ridiculous, they're just jealous because they can't get with an idol. Why ruin someone's life like that
@yaya12 I support him too all the way, but it really makes me angry how he probably left based on the rude things netizens said.
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