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I got this app and it asked if I wanted to transfer all 600+ anime pictures to a vault......OK so I did I thought my pictures would remain in my gallery regardless or so I thought......I decide to delete the app cuz it sucked ass and didn't do shit so I got rid of it and go back to watching anime with my fam then I downloaded more pics so I wanted to move it to my anime album then that's when the terror hit I was like OK so maybe there were backed up so I go to my backed up photos NOT ONE OF THE 600+ PHOTOS WERE THERE.........I started to cry cuz it took away my fan service my memes my gifs my videos for Flipagram and inc. so now I have to download all 600+ photos again.........hahaha funny right I am going to go crazy right now excuse me while I crawl in a whole and wither way in the wind.....
1346? u sure it wasn't 1345? don't exaggerate now.
Well. . my cousin deleted all 1346 of my photos in my tablet that I'm still looking for. So, I understand that pain at least. Having to refind things over again sucks.
I don't really understand. but I will try to learn to understand.
@freep finally someone who understands my pain *weep*
I understand.