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So my brother and I haven't been talking for almost two months now and he wants to see me but I don't. He said hurtful words to me which made me not want to see him. I texted him and was honest about what I thought. @CuteBabyKris @DestinaByrd @ninjamidori @PrincessUnicorn @JessicaEvaristo
I understand how you feel I am the same way but even though it hurts we have to forgive that person sooner or later because they are family and family do hurt each other but we have to be the bigger person
@DestinaByrd @CallMeMsDragon I spoke with my eldest brother about it
@CuteBabyLay oh! what happened??
@DestinaByrd we spoke about my brother Who was saying horrible and awful words to me and he basically agreed with me because my brother shouldn't have said those words to me