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Mark's the one narrating this time.
You wanna know a story?, it's a story about 2 young men in their 20s facing all kinds of odds and soon becoming far more than just "brothers". They were always close and mischievous, they didn't show any care for the world and it's riches, just themselves. The younger, taller and athletic one was more serious and thoughtful regardless of the "annoying child" image. He was the one to take the blame for the things he hasn't done or was blamed on by someone else. His feelings were hidden very deeply within him and he never showed reason towards why to take it all out. His bellwethering self is very impresive but slightly worrying. The ones who know him are very intrigued by his demeanor and worry that because of him being like this, it will cause great pain and stress. I loved him deeply with no flaw. He was always the person I'd go to because no one else understood or knew me very well. He was always there for me in my most miserable times and he was very magnanimous, always cared about the people he loved despite his serious facial expressions. He tried very hard to keep me in a good state but only to the point where he was the one hurting not me. He had gone with a severe illness in his body which cause him to leave..... again. He sended me pictures of himself from the hospital and his resting place. He sended me descriptions of places I already knew but still made myself look surprised by it's history. Watching him smile brought comfort to my heart because he wasn't as serious and decisive, but more of an oaf. He stared at me with closing eyes and then smiled so wide it looked like his face was ripping off. He was pale and and very self conscious. He didn't look dead or alive but more of into a deep sleep-desire look. His hair was soft and silky as always and his lips were thick with a white-pink color. It wasn't until just recently that he began to bring himself to me and was being more impatient for care. He began to hug me every single day and give me back hugs which is something I'm not used to receiving from him. He never tells me what's going on with him and just smiles like the happiest person on Earth. And it wasn't until just recently that I began to notice the conspicuous difference in his new self and old self. But I kept quiet pretending like I didn't know. Just recently his only words were: I love you.
hhhhmmm interesting guess he was talking about when they were together before so this was a flashback
It feels like a fash back
@UnnieCakesAli well before u edited.. I thought Jackson was in the hospital getting treated and Mark was narrating about him while in the hospital with Jackson. . that moment that says he looks like dead but that was going to a deep sleep or something. . but then my thoughts change when you edited but don't know what that moment is about I guess he was just having a memory? ? or something don't know..exactly.
@luna1171 did you thought of anything while reading it?
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