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Ok so it's already been a WHILE since Exo performed but I just honestly just can't believe that I witnessed them in all their glory. Like... Honestly I don't even know what to say so I'll just go on to describe my day. So first I got there like at 2:00pm with my friend and we soooo lost like we had absolutely no idea what to do or where to go so we just started walking around until we found where to pick up merch that you either pre-bought or not. So we went there to get our stuff and then walked to the back where there weren't that many people just a couple people lined up, we figured that this is where you lined up if you had seats and so we stood there for a while then we saw a black van pass from under where we were and it was Exo barely arriving, when I saw that black van i was like 'holy shit'. I saw that van in the freeway on our way there and the van was like right next to us in the freeway. It was more crazy for me though because I was honestly thinking 'huh imagine if that was Exo'. So yea that happen and we made friends in the line they were really cool people I wish I could meet them again😢. Anyways they were supposed to start letting everybody in at 4:30 but they didn't, I'm guessing Exo got there a lot later then planned because even after 4:30 you could hear the music being played, that they were still rehearsing. They ended up letting people In like at 5:30-6:00 (can't quite remember) and we were in the front of the line I felt bad for the people that were in the back. So we finally got in and the first thing we did was run to the restroom. Once again we were lucky we were in the front of the line because there wasn't any line but when we came out the line was HUGE. Anyways me and my friend weren't able to get seats together so I went to where my section seat was (which conveniently was right in front of the restroom) and went to find my seat. I was sitting there in my seat for about 10 minutes and then the girls that were seated next to me asked the girls on the other side of me if that section was 11 or 11a, I found out that, that section was 11 not 11a so the other two girls along with myself went to section 11a. It was basically the same thing though because it was just the section of seats that was right next to where I was previously seated so I literally just had to cross the little section of walkway and I was seated again. We were sitting and then the lights suddenly dimmed I started freaking out. They started the concert with overdose and I honestly can't really sort out my memories do I'm not sure what they performed next but it was crazy. So the concert went on and the next thing I knew it was over. It was a 2 hour long concert but it only felt like 15 minutes. Once it was over I met up with my friend again and we both fangirled like crazy. My friends dad picked us up and he gave me a ride home and I just went to my room and I got dressed and just went to cry myself to sleep. So that's my story, feel free to tell me all about your EXOLU'TION experience just tag me and I'll read it👌🏻😊 ~usagichan20104💕
@kpopandkimchi yea even though my seat was really far way I had an amazing view of everything, so I witnessed everything there was to be witnessed😝😎