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WHEN will they learn?? Karrueche Tran should know better by now. Despite his very public decision to choose Rihanna over her months ago, Karrueche has seemingly decided to hop on Chris Brown's love boat again now that he and RiRi are no longer dating. The two were spotted by multiple eye-witnesses at Wild 94.9's annual Wild Jam, setting the internet ablaze with the photo you see above. We heard Kar was a big reason behind Breezy's latest split with Rih, but it seems things are even more serious now. And quite frankly, we find it REALLY unfortunate for everyone involved. The day following the jam, Chris tweeted something disgusting: She's not mine if she's everybody else's. — Chris Brown(@chrisbrown) May 10, 2013 Now, whether he tweeted that in a response to all the hype over his sighting with Kar last night or he's just adding more dramz to the Rih speculation, we don't know. But either way, he's making a loaded accusation that we find QUITE hypocritical seeing as how he's been known to flirt with every woman this side of the Hollywood Hill and then some! Time will tell what's to come from this, but we gotta go all PSA here and just say this one final thought (for this post at least): GURLS! He's playing you both! Drop him FOR GOOD!!
@kristenadams I don't think she minds though! Lol!
@blairwitme LOL vip treatment????? dang then she needs to go to "when men play women 101" LOOOOL
@kristenadams lol I think she's loving this.. She likes all the VIP treatment that comes with dating Chris Brown
@blairwitme @miranpark88 LOOOOOL that girl needs some reality check ASAP
@miranpark88 you can't blame Karueche, I mean without Chris, how can she even enter these exclusive clubs?? That's why she sticks to him no matter what! But Rihanna?? WHY??? she can have any guys she wants! move on Riri!
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