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Okay so we all know FNC has 3 bands and AOA but them having a boy dance group is what I been really waiting for. Don't get me wrong I do love FT. Island, N. Flying and C.N Blue. But I really want a boy group from them. So I'm gonna keep my eyes out on these guys and I wish them the best of luck. What do you guys think? Are you gonna look forward to there debut? Because I know I am. ^_^ @CLAKPOP Lol I don't think I want to share with you hehehe ^_^ I have a feeling that DaWon and InSeong are going to be my bias
Tae Yang
Ju Ho
Chan Ni
Ro Woon
Young Bin
Hwi Young
Da Won
Jae Yoon
In Seong
I've been following these guys for a few weeks and Im honestly so excited for them to debut! I was immediately head over heels in love with ChanNi! I always go for the dancers lol
@staceyholley lol its hard for me to tell who I'm gonna to fall for but I knew about them since December. I can't wait for them to debut lol don't worry I go for the rappers a lot .