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Okay so we all know FNC has 3 bands and AOA but them having a boy dance group is what I been really waiting for. Don't get me wrong I do love FT. Island, N. Flying and C.N Blue. But I really want a boy group from them. So I'm gonna keep my eyes out on these guys and I wish them the best of luck. What do you guys think? Are you gonna look forward to there debut? Because I know I am. ^_^ @CLAKPOP Lol I don't think I want to share with you hehehe ^_^ I have a feeling that DaWon and InSeong are going to be my bias
Tae Yang
Ju Ho
Chan Ni
Ro Woon
Young Bin
Hwi Young
Da Won
Jae Yoon
In Seong
@staceyholley lol its hard for me to tell who I'm gonna to fall for but I knew about them since December. I can't wait for them to debut lol don't worry I go for the rappers a lot .
I've been following these guys for a few weeks and Im honestly so excited for them to debut! I was immediately head over heels in love with ChanNi! I always go for the dancers lol