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To my Day6 fans! What are we, especially me.. what am I going to do? I can't accept this, Junhyeok, you've been together with everyone for so long, all you have gotten so attached and so close to each other. I can't even imagine how any of the band members feel. BUT we support you fully with our love, and will always follow up with you everytime. And shoutout to the rumors, the dating scandals, don't let those get to you..
I'm going to miss the Day6 introduction without you.. Thanks for working so hard, and thank you for being a member, thank you for coming out into the Kpop world!
Us fans are going to miss you all together so much, with such little time that lasts such a long long way, we miss you already Junhyeok. ♡ Make good decisions in life, and I really do wish that you continue to sing! Love you!!!♡
This is ridiculous. if it was actually because of the dating "scandal" ..(if u can even call it that anyway) shouldn't fans be happy? Cuz if he's dating a fan that means they actually have hope. freakin losers. 😠
@JarviaKlipka, I didn't really pay much attention to Day6, but this actually breaks my heart omg!
What's going to happen with the group now?
Nooo 😢
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