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YESSSSS my Pain Hoosier came in today梅 it looks awesome! I love it hahaha >:) PAIN - Some times you must HURT in order to KNOW FALL in order GROW LOSE in order to GAIN Because life's greatest lessons are learned through [[[[[PAIN!]]]]]]
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@DestinyGregory yes lol it was 50$
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wow that's a lot of money for just two hoodies @moisesgaray
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@DestinyGregory lol no its only one hoodie XD in the picture I'm showing the front and back of my sweater :) but just for one hoodie is 50$
2 years agoReply
omg that's a lot of money for just one and pleas tell me what XD means @moisesgaray
2 years agoReply
lol its a face hahah XD = 馃槀 that gave heheh @DestinyGregory
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