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For some reason I just can't seem to get over on how big he has grown.. I still see him as the Taemin in 'Replay' lol after I finally got the chance to see his new MV 'Press Your Number' I just spazzed out. The MV is gorgeous, the dancing is wonderful, but most of all the song is just perfection~ another pretty amazing thing that I found out is that the demo to this song originally came from Bruno Mars. We all know they did work together on this track but it's pretty amazing to hear a song that came out so addictingly perfect. I heard Bruno's demo 'Press It' and it sounds so similar to 'Press Your Number' but a slower version. Both versions of the song came out DOPE! Check it out Below
This is the only video I could find lol I hope you don't mind the Spanish lyrics lol
I can't contain my excitement tears of joy are welling up ahhhhh 😭😂😭😂😭
Me either! Lol I swear every time I listen to it it just puts me in a wonderful mood lol @BabydollBre
im super happy for him
I know right it's just amazing. press your number and drip drop are so great I'm so happy for him. he's just doing great
teamin he is very hadsome and cute
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