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It has been awhile since I've watched their videos, so excuse me for being totally behind on what they've been doing! Going through their videos, I've learned they've completely changed their diet. At first they were doing mostly pescetarianism. Now they've cut out a lot of the fish from their diet.
In one of their most recent videos that was uploaded on February 8th, they further explained their diet. Originally, they identified as vegetarian, but mentioned eating fish. I know that for most people, technically, eating fish not vegetarian (I is still an animal). So, they would actually be pescetarian. Currently, they say they are eating a mostly vegan/vegetarian diet.
Anyway, check out their video! I think it's pretty cool that they're doing the whole vegetarian thing. Very inspiring.
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Oh man... I want a BRC burrito so bad now. Beans, rice, and cheese burritos were kind of my guilty pleasure when I was vegetarian.
@danidee yummm. I tried soy 'meat' from Chiptole not so long ago and i am totally in love.
They have soy meat?? I thought they just had that sofritos stuff.
yeah its made out of tofu it's so good @danidee
It is! Although, I'm rude and order it with half-chicken, half-tofu.