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I had some trouble narrowing it down to just 6 idols that I would like to see do a collaboration, but here is the final list... Thanks to @PrettieeEmm for tagging me. Original card by @Katiems
Big Bang's G Dragon - all around amazing, he was the first to come to mind for this
BTS's Suga - his rap skills are amazing, and the thought of him and GD rapping together would just be awesome
EXO's D.O - I love his voice and in all honesty he has been creeping up my bias list and I just had to add him
BTS's Jimin - those high notes kill me and he's not bad to look at.... for really long periods of time.... while wiping drool off your chin...
Big Bang's Taeyang - amazing dancer and vocalist, and Jimin could have a fellow shirtless friend - I'd be okay with that
BTS's V - because we need a little weird in the group, and because I am in love with his surprisingly deep voice. *Yes, the list is a bit BTS heavy, but I am currently a bit obsessed* I am feeling a little guilty for leaving out my UB - T.O.P, but the deciding factor was that the thought of the other guys dancing together practically gave me a double nose bleed. T.O.P is a great dancer in his own way... and I love him for that. Tagging...please let me know if you would like to be added or removed from the list @LtheKid8 @torchix @SofiaFifi @Lexxcisco @kpopandkimchi @Helixx @BulletproofV @Sailynn @MadAndrea
This would be an awesome concert.
haha i love it!!