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I am literally in tears right now. Junhyuk was harassed because it was rumored that he was in a dating "scandal" with a fan....JYP confirmed on their fancafe that he indeed left the group. This is crazy....idk how to feel. I bias Day6 as a group so I love them all equally..I am really hurt that he left..Day6 is also having a U.S tour this April....omg
forever ot6 @hisundays
Still dont believe it... Seriously this's so hard ☹😢😢😢 Im not feeling well it hurts 😭😭 our fairy please dont go.. Day6 will not same anymore without u eventhough I'll still support them no matter wht.. 5 members in reality 6 members in our heart forever ;-;
This is so saddening😭😭 even though he is not my bias I will miss him 😭😭😭😿
I didn't believe it at first until I went on the fancafe and saw the msg from jyp in denial right now @nathalyalamo298
What noooo!! 😢😢😭😭😭