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I decided to do something a little different from my regular stories, hope you all like it.
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The door creaked softly and you paused holding your breath. If they caught you this time you knew he would be in trouble. Your life might be under their control, but you would be damned if you ever let them touch him. The moments passed and the large staircase in front of you stayed void of any shadows or angered voices.
You finally took a breath and silently slipped out of the door, taking extra care to shut the door quietly. The dim lamps cast your shadow across the concrete and you moved to hide by a nearby tree. The security would be doing a shift change now and you only had a small window to make it outside of the gate if you didn’t want to be caught.
Counting to three in your head, you readied yourself to make a run for the gate. If you got the angle right, you would arrive right at the large tree against the gate and be able to hop right over it. You set off at a run and caught sight of the tree jumping onto the curved and crooked trunk then moving up to jump and land gracefully on the other side of the gate.
You had done that countless times over the years and you were pleased that you were able to do it without hurting yourself anymore. You sighed unhappily, you wouldn’t be doing it again after tonight though. No, tonight was the last night you would sneak out to see him. It had to be the last, you couldn’t risk your father or his men finding you with him.
You started off at a run heading for his house. You could only hope that he was home tonight.
You knocked on the door and looked around trying to be sure you weren’t followed. The door swung open slowly and there he stood. Your home. The look of confusion on his face was replaced with a bright smile as you jumped into his arms holding onto him for dear life. Your body shook gently and he pet the back of your head telling you everything would be ok and that he was here.
“I was worried about you; you know?” He pulled you through the door way and lead you to the couch. “I haven’t heard from you in over a week.”
A hiccup escaped and his eyebrow shot up as he looked at you. You were more upset than you usually were when you would escape your family. “Things have been busy and father has been keeping an extra eye or two on me lately.” You fidgeted with the hem of your shirt refusing to look him in the face. You knew if you looked into his eyes that everything would come pouring out of your mouth, but his safety was your first priority and you were determined to not let him know the extent of your problems this time.
Shaking your head gently you looked back up at him a smile on your lips. “Sorry, I missed you too much I think.” You gave him your best ‘cute’ look and laughed gently.
He didn’t look like he took it but he didn’t push for answers. He never did. With a family like yours you were strict on what you would tell him. It had taken forever before you admitted to being basically a mafia princess. You hated who you were more than anyone else and he knew that. He would listen to your ranting and your wishes of being free, but mostly, he would love you unconditionally.
You moved to cuddle up next to him. He always smelt good and you nuzzled into his chest trying to embed that smell into your brain. Tonight is the last night, you thought. The last night to wrap yourself in his arms, the last night to kiss his soft lips and listen to him tell you he loved you, the last night of complete happiness you will ever have, and he didn’t even know it. You hoped he would move on and be happy, you didn’t care if he was angry with you or if he hated you because of this. After all, it is what was best for him, right?
The morning light crept through the shades and he shifted reaching out his arm to pull you closer. As soon as his hand hit the empty side of the bed he sat up and groggily looked around the room. His eyes adjusted to the light and he pulled the covers back dragging himself from the bed.
Your once scattered clothes were no longer on the floor and he figured you must have gotten up early to make breakfast like you did at times. He stretched and headed for the kitchen only to be met with stark silence. His eyebrows knit and he walked to the living room to only find the room just as empty as the last.
His feet led him around the reminder of his apartment but you, and all of your belongings were nowhere to be found. You usually never left without telling him, and he recalled you acting slightly different from usual last night. He had caught you countless times with a sad and vacant expression on your face, but before he could ask you about it you would smile at him like nothing was wrong.
Deciding it was a good idea to check his phone to see if he had any messages from you he walked back to his room only to stop dead in his tracks as he passed the shelving unit he used to hold photos. The center shelve was empty. All of your pictures had been removed. He was slightly startled and turned to dash for his room. Opening the closet, he noticed all of the hangers that once held your clothes were empty and all of your shoes were missing. The bathroom had also lost all traces of a female having ever been in the apartment.
He slowly approached the desk you had once claimed was your favorite piece of furniture in his house. You had taken all of his stuff out of the top drawer and had filled it with random tidbits you would collect on your dates together, calling it your treasure drawer. He never understood why you felt the need to do such things but he had not argued when you would add another item to the drawer after making a wish on it.
Sliding the drawer open his heart dropped down into the pit of his stomach. It was empty save for the little white envelope sitting there his name staring back at him. He pulled out the letter and opened it gently a bad feeling gnawing at his gut.
You sat in the chair the women busily running around you. One pulled on your hair saying something about curls and pins, and pearls, another attacked your face with brushes and powders and pencils, the last pulled at your hands a bottle of white polish in her hands. You wished she would paint your nails blood red or black instead, it would fit your mood better after all.
You were only holding on by a thread. Today your life would change, and unlike anyone else in this situation it would not change for the better.
A woman in a gaughty purple dress poked her head into the room informing your grooming crew that you were to be at the doors in less than five minutes. You commended yourself for not flinching this time like you had the last thirty times she had come to give you the countdown.
Standing and taking the flowers into your hands you quietly sang the song Castle by Halsey to yourself. It was amusing how close this song was to your current feelings. You held your head high and looked over towards the clock thinking he would be awake by now. You hoped he wouldn’t find your letter until after the ‘I Do’ was said, but you knew he would figure it out quickly, he always did.
The door opened and you watched as all of your fathers ‘friends’, a better term than mafia, gang, or any other name used for him and his kind, stood up and smiled at you. The smile never reached your lips as you walked down the aisle the next step becoming more painful than the last. You could almost hear him reading your letter as you lifted your foot for another step.
‘Yong Bae,
I am not sure how to put into words how happy you have made me over the years. You were always my home and my escape from all that is my twisted family.’
His breath caught as he read on.
‘You always accepted me for all that I am, even if that is the equivalent of a mafia princess.’
Your feet took another step and you glanced up at the man at the altar.
‘You loved me unconditionally and for that I am grateful. I hope in my next life I will be a normal woman, and I will meet you again.’
The man looked back at you a smirk on his lips. He wasn’t marrying you for love, no he was marrying you for power. Your fathers power that is. You were just a pawn, and your father had sold you to the highest bidder.
‘Nothing hurts me more than to admit that this was the last night I will come to see you. Father has demanded I marry another.’
His heart sank and he collapsed onto the floor the note held tightly into his hands.
‘I am sorry I could not tell you this in person, but my heart could not handle the look you would give me. I hope you hate me, I hope you are able to move on, for I am not something or someone you should let hold you back.’
You stopped at the alter and turned to look at the man. He took your hand more roughly than needed, and pulled you up to the minister.
‘You are the most wonderful man I have ever met, and no matter how much time may pass, I will always love you and only you.’
A tear rolled down your cheek as you said your vows.
‘Don’t try to look for me, I do not want you to get hurt for trying to get in-between my father and his plans.’
You barely held it together as the words I Do left your lips, the tears flowing openly down your cheeks now.
‘No matter what I am forced to do, whether it be marry this man or move to the end of the world I would do so if it meant your safety.’
The minister announced you as husband and wife and you started to make your way down the aisle once again.
‘Please remember though. I may be marrying him… but I love you.’
Yong Bae sat in shocked silence the note in his hands. It only took him a moment before he realized he had to stop you. Without a second thought to the unruly state of his clothes and hair he ran through the door and to the church. His heart was racing and he feared it would be too late… and he was.
He stopped as he watched you walk out of the church your eyes puffy and nose red from crying. He watched as your eyes came to meet his and your put on your best ‘I’m ok’ smile. He stared in disbelief as you mouthed the words “But I love you.” As the man that was now your husband opened the car door for you, and he fell to his knees as he watched his entire life drive away. The woman he loved was forever gone, and she had been sure to take everything that would remind him of her with her. He silently cursed himself for not having taken you away from that home sooner, he wished he could take back the last month and make himself find out what had been bothering you. Tears started to slip down his face and he could do nothing but silently beat himself up over having been only just too late.
Well spring break has just started so here is my first of at least a few stories I plan to put out this week to make up for my lack of writing. I will also get back to Diamonds so it's not just hanging there unfinished. If you guys have any requests for stars of my shorts let me know.
Anyways, as always thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!! Let me know if you would like to be added or deleted from the tag list!
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