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Okay, CL just shot a vogue video and killed it with her song "Hello Bitches. " The dancers were on point and the video was shot nicely, but I have to say one thing that has me cheesing. MY BROTHER WAS IN A VIDEO WITH CL!!! MY BROTHER WAS IN A VIDEO WITH CL! I THINK I MIGHT FAINT! I can't believe this. He told me that he was in a video with a K-pop star and I was shocked to find out that it was CL. I mean how often does someone get to say they were in a video with her? The only sad thing was my brother doesn't listen to K-pop so he didn't know how famous she was and missed the opportunity to get an autograph!!!! However, he talked to her. I'm happy for him, but it's so sad how he didn't seize the moment. Oh well at least I have this video as photo evidence. He is the black guy with locks at 49 seconds. GO CL AND GO MY BROTHER.
Let me know how you would react to finding out that one of your family members was in the same room as CL.
That's amazing your brother is sooo lucky!!!
@Ercurrent that's actually true I think I would have been frozen in place the whole time
That's amazing!!!!! It might be good that he didn't know her...haha I wouldn't have functioned well.
awe man missed the chance to get a number shit
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