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i made a card so all of understand that I am the best. and u are all the worst.
Bahahahaha gotta catch em all
@billydoom ur not even a weeaboo. ur just a casual hipster. ur gay saitama boyfriend couldn't even fuck up that mosquito on his balcony.
I vote shrooms and ice cream
@freep Thank you. To answer your question, I'm not rich. My bills are paid, my family is fed and spoiled. If I was well off, I probably would not be doing a side job on this van. A heater core is what transfers heat from the engine to the inside of the vehicle. I looks like a miniature radiator. As for the fight, I am already packing a knife but I do appreciate the offer.
@billydoom Leave us not rake him over the proverbial coals. This card shows his potential. Before long, he will develop some refinement. If anything, he might say "all of you sirs and madams bare a striking resemblance to small female canines."
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