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Our online selves are not our true selves. Let's be honest. We often like to portray ourselves to the internet as someone totally different than our real selves. Maybe that person is super cool, or interesting or mysterious.
Or maybe that person likes to only share a few things, versus someone who shares a lot.
Q: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months now, and I really love him. He recently got an Instagram, and has been posting a few photos here and there. The only issue is that most of them are pictures with his female coworkers (they are all friends) and selfies. He also keeps his Facebook Relationship status invisible. I openly changed my FB status to in a relationship, and often post pictures of the two of us (on instagram and FB). Is it too much that I want him to post a picture of us? And I want him to have us be Facebook Offical (FBO)? I've already mentioned to him that it makes me feel uncomfortable that he's not open about us online, but he insists that it's not because he doesn't love me, but just because social media doesn't matter to him. Am I overanalyzing this or does it seem like he is hiding something?
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So my honest opinion why does social media need to know you are in a relationship. I have known several people who put everything about their relationship out their on social media and use the status as a tool to let the world how their relationship is doing. it seems lime you are inviting the world to commit on your relationship. but it is not wrong to want him to post pictures of you two together. He should be able to do that for you of he posts pics with his coworkers. I just take it as him not wanting the world to chime on on your relationship. But I too have the in a relationship status on my social media. So of it is important just talk to him again stating why you feel it is important for the in a relationship status. If you don't suspect him of cheating the status thing shouldn't bother you. How he treats you irl is important. Does he introduced you as his girlfriend to other people when out. Does he make you feel special. He doesn't try to act differently when away from you to give the intention he is not in a relationship. If you suspect something is off or going on just ask him. Communication is key to any relationshop but if irl he introduces you as his girlfriend to the people that matter then don't take to much offense he hasn't shared his status on social media He may be protecting yours and his relationship from the drama of the status inquiry from everyone.
Ask him if he could change it for you. Because it's something you want. If he complies then great. If he doesn't then there might be some reason why. So try and find that out
You would dump me because I'm not sharing my relationship status with the whole world. So as far as that goes with him, I don't see a problem. With the Instagram issue, I do think you're over analyzing. As long as he's not doing anything inappropriate with his friends then I don't see what the problem is. He sees social media as just shits and giggles. Him being devoted and committed to you is what matters.
you should not care about those small things such as social if there's a whole bunch of lies in real life then that's different but if everything else is gravy then you should not be concerned
im sorry but if hell put pictures of him with other girls than the trouble started early if hes not ashamed to be seen on social network with her but is ashamed to be seen with you than its time to find a new guy ï understand if he dosnt want to brag all over the midias .thats your buissness but don't show pictures with you and another girl im sorry