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So we all know that Suga has had some amazing hair over the past few years. Though personally the mint green hair is my absolute favorite.
Because I loved the color so much I decided to try and recreate it. I spent many hours at the salon and it was a bit of a painful process. (now i understand why Suga complains!) but overall it was so incredibly worth it!!
This is the process from start to finish and a picture of my hair before everything started
and of course the finished product!!!! Thank you suga for have such beautiful hair and making me infired to try new things! Absolutely love it!!
Infired 馃槀 I have suga hair too!
@BrennaTran i totally will. im waiting til my spring break starts and then ill post. 馃槃馃槈
@lemonlassie oh yay!! you should post pics!
im dying my hair that colour in the next week too!!!!
That looks so amazing!!!
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