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Shooting finishes around 3 in the afternoon. By the time everything is cleaned up and set up for the next day, you get back to the hotel around 5 pm. You are extremely happy that you opted to pay a little extra to the company and get your own room. Not only would you not get any sleep with the noisy PA’s around but you were beginning to fear they would stab you in your sleep.
As you prepare for bed, you notice you now have a bruise on your ankle. You smile at the memory, dreamily touching your chin and looking in wonder at your hand. You never thought you’d be one of those moony fan girls; then, you never thought you’d actually meet not only a bias but his whole group. When your thoughts return to earth, you wander back into the room, turn your music timer on, close your eyes, and replay the dream that was reality that day.
The annoying sound of your phone rouses you from a hard sleep. You squint at the phone before shoving a pillow over your face. Unknown number, why? Why was everyone against you getting any real sleep? You push ignore and shove the offending device under the mat. A minute later and now your bed is vibrating as your phone alerts you to a message. Wonderful, colorful words begin forming in your brain, if you weren’t so tired, they might just come out of your mouth also.
There isn’t a phone message but a text message. You look at the unknown number and match it to the missed call. Who the heck would have your number? It is off hours, personal time; suddenly you realize it might just be a practical joke from the evil PA’s. You go to swipe delete but stop, what the heck, may as well make sure. If they were up for a fight, they were dealing with the wrong person, especially since they woke you up.
Unknown: What time are you on set tomorrow? How long after that will I be there?
What?!? Your brain is fuzzy but what?!?! You text back: Who is this?!?!
Unknown: Junho. I got your number from the call sheet. Did I wake you?
Evil, evil witches were going to pay for thinking they could prank call and text you; two could play this game.
You: 2PM Junho? MY Junho? It can’t be, his number would show up with his name and face attached, so really, who is this?!?!
Unknown: Very few have this number how would you already have it? Has it been leaked out again? ‘Ish.
You: You are very good at pretending but I am very tired and I no longer wish to play this childish game. Delete my number or I will report you to the director.
Unknown: Who do you think this is?
You: I know who it is, you waspish, evil PA’s! At least I had the decency to not throw myself at their feet, have some pride would you?
Unknown: Lol, agreed, they did throw themselves at us, but we are used to it. Hold on a minute.
Now you are confused, why would they continue to play this stupid game? Was it really that important to ‘one up’ the lowly gofer? You sigh and close your eyes, maybe if you turn your phone off…the hotel wouldn’t give them your room number would they? You reach over to turn it off when up pops a picture text. You swipe the screen, and up pops a picture of Junho waving at the camera from bed.
You: Wow, thanks but I already have this gif on my phone. How long did it take you to find and download that?
Unknown: You have a gif of me in bed on your phone? Hmm, that bears some thought.
You: Listen, I’m done. My brain is barely functioning and I’m tired of this game. I won’t be responding anymore.
Unknown: Wait! You didn’t answer my questions, ah because you don’t think it is me. What is your Skype?
You: HA! Like I would give you access to the rest of my social media. Goodnight.
Unknown: Okay. Block your user ID and Skype this number, you can even block your camera, it is the only way to prove I am me. Now. Please.
Why were they taking it this far? Fine, if it would get them to shut up and let you sleep, right now you don’t care. You click your Skype app, enter the name he gave you and push send. Right now you don’t even care that your ID is showing, you can delete the account in the morning. On the second ring it is answered and a very Korean male voice says, “annyeonghaseyo.”
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