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1. I've got it from here guys, thanks. 2. You should enroll in classes if you're that determined to follow me lovey. 3. Haha, you're so not funny 4. 1/2 a brownie point is returned to Taecyeon 5. Hey, wasn't expecting you. Still angry?
6. First personal space & now you're reading my mail? You really have no concept of privacy do you? 7. What's with the look? 8. *Brain refuses to process* 9. Really? Do tell, what's the big plan? 10. Something terrible must have happened. I have to call him.
11. *Nope nothing happened, ignore the minor breakdown you just saw.* 12. After a long thought, you decided to pay the month's rent. Your only choice was a ' Café Maid' & this was your costume: Not how I ever saw myself wearing an outfit like this if ever but it's a necessary evil, rent must be paid. 13. Say it with me: Stalker! 14. .... 15. More to the point, why? Betrayed my oppa? You're kidding right? Keep going you're gonna see "Bad Girl"
16. You don't play fair! This isn't funny & I'm not some "fan-girl" for you to toy with! 17. Karaoke, seriously? You live to torment me don't you? 18. Oh ok, I see, you're just looking to show off. I see you. 19. Who are you trying to help here? 20. What was I thinking choosing this song? I may as well have confessed on a billboard.
21. Not now Taecyeon, I need space. 22. What choice do I have? I can't afford to stay. 23. 2 brownie points for you, you're not completely forgiven yet. 25. What is it Nichkhun? It's been a long day & I need sleep.
@EliseB Lol well it's working 😂
@jessicaacosta90 That's the idea Niece, gotta make it fun 😀😂
Omg your results crack me up Auntie 😂