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my friend told me about Noblesse when it was just starting as a manga. I was sceptical at first. bust soo. Come to love how they showed the so called Vampire. It's is mysterious and very Violent. but the plot and the main cheracter coming out after a long sleep to has to learn how to blend in with humans is funny and also entertaining. I have to say that anime so far has followed the plot of the manga well so far. I can't wait to see where this gose. What about you guys?
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Haha it all good. I loved the orginal Hellsing and the new one. love how they put history and fiction in with it.
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also the soundtrack 2 CDs, ruins and raid, for original one. good music.
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also u have a girls name
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I didn't know they made nobelese into a anime i can't wait to watch it.
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it's really new. I found it on Crunchy Roll.
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