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Foreign Flower (A BigBang Novel)

Hello! :D Welcome to the 7th episode of Foreign Flower! (Se)7(en) is suppose to be a lucky number so will good things happen? :o Caught in the middle? Don't worry, start the season from the beginning! :* <3 (Trust me, it's worth the feels! ;3) > Preface -> Chapter 1 --> Chapter 2 ---> Chapter 3 ----> Chapter 4 -----> Chapter 5 ------> Chapter 6 Oh boy, we've come a long way, please continue to support! <3 *bows* Enjoy!
Chapter 7 BigBang had disappeared for international affairs like they had said but there wasn't a day when they didn't keep you updated on their misdemeanors through Snapchat. However, your life had become more complicate than ever before due to the rumors that had rose after you evaded the paparazzi that eventful evening. The media was convinced that YG Entertainment was hiding information and the fans and Netizens were outraged. The CEO didn't blame you for what you did, he had understood that you just wanted to stay safe and keep BigBang safe as well, but the guilt had gnawed on deep inside for being responsible. “Did you hear? The CEO is finally calling for a press conference tomorrow morning in, things are really going to get heated,” one of your co-workers tattled to you in the restroom while you wash your hands. You sigh and thank her for the update on the situation. “I need to do something about this,” you moan later that night. You toss and turn all night, worrying about what could happen at the conference, the thoughts preventing you from catching a wink of sleep. Once dawn began to break through the window, you roll out of bed and hop in the shower. You brush on a bit of make up, emphasizing your eyelashes and staining your lips to a natural healthy pink shade. You curl your hair into loose curls and pin it to one side. You slide on grey slacks, a white sleeveless shirt and a soft pink cardigan. You slip on the ballet flats and grab your purse then head out the door, speed walking to make it to the building before the press conference began. You enter YG and instantly notice the receptionist mouthing to you to be careful. You ride the elevator to the top floor, open your office, set your things on the desk then exit and knock on the CEO's door. “Come in,” he replies through the door. You walk in and bow; he sat behind his desk, reviewing a few speech notes with his assistant then finally looks up at you and smiles in relief. “Yes?” “Sir, please let me speak at the press conference. I began the commotion and I wish to end it, you should not have to stress over things like this,” you say, maintaining your bow. “Speak at the press conference? What would you say?” his assistant asks. “Introduce myself, explain what my job requires out of me, and defend the company with whatever question they may throw at me." “I don't know if this is a good idea,” the assistant eyes at the CEO. “Please, sir. Let me take the heat,” you plead. “Fine, but if this turns sour, you'll be out of the company. I'll be watching.” the CEO sets the papers down, crosses his hands and stares at you intensely. “I will work hard,” you bow again then exit the room. <<Aishh, I'm putting my job on the line for this? Stupid girl, I knew I shouldn't have driven with the guys!>> your logic scowls in the elevator. You enter the conference room and walk around the big crowd of photographers, journalists, and reporters. No one notices your presence by the stairs of the stage, but as the time drew closer to the scheduled interview, more and more people show up and whisper among themselves as they point in your direction, converting the butterflies in your stomach turn into wild beasts. The clock struck nine o'clock and the crowd quickly settles down as the lights focus on the stage. You sigh deeply then compose your business poker face while Papa YG thanked the press for coming so early and joining in. People begin to get rowdy again, raising their hands with pending questions while a few photographers snapped away pictures. At that moment, the CEO glances at you with a nod and introduces you as a special speaker, You climb the stairs, bow at him, then take his place before the podium. “Hello and good morning,” you begin with a bow, the press settles in silence when you introduce yourself. “I understand that everyone here expects the CEO to be the one explaining the situation about BigBang but it was in my interest that I take over and clear the tension. "I came from the States to work for YG Entertainment as the main language instructor for the trainees and current artists. I translate documents from their language of origin to Korean and present them to the board of directors and the CEO, I also attend meetings with foreign investors as an ambassador and brand representative for the company. Many of you know that Big Bang has been sponsored by UMG in the States and in other places of the world, so my business here is to expand the incredible work that our artists produce to the fans in every corner of the Earth. I have been granted the opportunity to meet many amazing individuals who make incredible things happen for the company, and for that I am inspired to work hard for the company. YG Entertainment has treated me like family and embraced me with open arms, therefore I enjoy giving back in anyway that I am able. “A few weeks ago, the members of BigBang were being pursued by a mysterious vehicle on the freeway on route back to Seoul. I was the driver of the car with the BigBang members aboard and due to potential consequences, I had to avoid putting the members in danger by all matters. So to the paparazzi that wanted to see the driver's face, I stand before you as a proud businesswoman for YG Entertainment and ask for the rumors to end and for the continuation of support towards our amazing artists.” Photographers instinctively began to snap pictures when you finish the speech. Everyone else in the crowd stare in awe at the unexpected appearance and heartfelt speech. You relax your shoulders then smile into the crowd. “Any questions?” you say, bracing yourself for the curve balls to come. The press springs to their feet, some of them jumping to get your attention. You point to a man in the back.
“Miss, how long have you been working for YG?” he asks. You pause for a moment to think, “For almost four months now.” “Why haven't we heard about you until now?” another man inquires. “Because I'm not a celebrity, I'm just an individual giving my all for a wonderful company.” “If you're from the States, then why are you here in Seoul?” You giggle, making a few individuals in the crowd awe at your innocent reaction, “Because life is too short to not go out and explore the world, and because I somehow managed to impress the CEO with my resume a bit too well, thus them wanting me to work here.” The press laughs at your response. “If you were the driver of the Dodge, don't you think you were driving too aggressively?” one of the photographers shouts to get under your skin. You soften your expression and smile sweetly, “As a driver, it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your passengers from any threats on the road and arrive to the destination safely. So I do not believe I did anything wrong in order to reassure the safety of my passengers and myself.” The crowd nods in agreement. After a few more questions and tons of pictures, you bow and exit the stage. Once on the top floor, your co-workers cheer and congratulate you on the performance with the press. The CEO pokes his head out and calls you into his office, stirring your other co-workers back to their stations. You walk into the office and bow. “You did well, too well. I think you won over a lot of the press with your sincere charm,” he states while looking over a few documents. Once he looked up, he smiles, “I'm glad we have you in our family.” You bow and thank him for the opportunity then leave. As soon as you closed the door to his office behind you, your co-workers start to cheer again, making you blush and bow at their enthusiasm. In your office, you lay your head on the cool wooden desk to help your burning cheeks settle but get interrupted when your phone beeps with a notification. You reach over and slide it open to see that Ji-Yong had sent you a snapchat. You open the app and see a picture of him and Seung-Ri with thumbs up and a caption that read: 'Saw ur press confrens, gud job!' A smile emerges on your face, you screen shoot it to save it in your gallery. “Dorks,” you mumble and continue to lay your head on your desk. "You heard right ladies and gentlemen, looks like everything had been a huge misunderstanding." You watched the news later that night. It was the same host that had played the video of you driving."After weeks of rumors and heated comments towards CEO Yang Hyun-suk, a gust of clean air has swept away the negativity this very morning at the press conference at YG Entertainment, and it was all because of her," a photo of your smiling face appears in the upper right-hand corner of the television screen. "Shhhee-crap," you gasp. Days following the meeting with the press, your world had been turned upside down. You became a celebrity overnight. Requests via email were being sent daily, requesting for you to appear on variety shows and talk about life thus far in Seoul compared to life in the States. Some magazines wanted to interview you about your professional work with YG while other types of magazines wanted to interview you about your fashion preferences and personal interests. The pictures of you at the press conference had gone viral, some labeling you as a breath of fresh air for your elegant yet cute fashion choice while others focused on how powerful your speech was, claiming you as a new shining beam of support for YG Entertainment. There was even a video of your giggle during one of the questions and the crowd's reaction that had many talk shows playing it and calling you Korea's foreign flower for being an international elite. The title had stuck to your photos and videos like glue since its release and many of your co-workers had began to tease you by using the new title that the media had given you. “Aishh,” you grunt, seeing your office full of bouquets and invitations from admirers for the third time that week. It had become a usual thing to have small gifts delivered to your office throughout the day. “Hey,” one of your co-workers peeps her head through your doorway, “the CEO wants to see you.” “Thanks unnie,” you respond, then raise to your feet and go to the his office. Upon entering, you bow with a greeting. He motions for you to sit with his open hand. You sit with perfect posture but feel the butterflies at the unknown of what he could say. “I talked to the choreographer this morning,” he began, looking through a few papers like usual. Your eyebrow shoots up in surprise. “He mentioned that you go in to dance with the backup dancers for personal enjoyment and have been doing so for a while now.” His words expressed no emotion, forcing you to pick your words carefully, “I enjoy dancing, so I practice with them to get some exercise.” “I see. I take it you know the routines pretty well?” he adds. “Yes, sir. I have even helped the choreographer review new routines when some of the dancers are struggling." “Good. I would like you to continue with helping out, it'll make teaching the trainees and the current artists new routines easier with more instructors on board. Consider yourself his part-time assistant,” he looks up and smiles. You bow your head, “Thank you, sir.” “Also,” he continues. “I've noticed the amount of gifts you've been receiving over the past week and surely you've been asked to guest star on a few variety shoes. I want you to accept a few of the invitations appear on a couple of talk shows, and throw in a few interviews. You're bringing in good press and I want it to increase.” “It will be done,” you feel your lips saying. “In a couple of weeks, I will be sending you to Japan to settle a few things with our Japanese partners. From there, you'll meet up with BigBang and the mangers for a video they'll be starting on. I need you to translate for the new director we'll be working with.” “Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” After that, you're dismissed. Back in your office, you write your plans into your agenda and scroll through the list of invitational emails that had been laying in the inbox unopened. After narrowing it down to a couple, you email back with an acceptance. Once the location set date had been jotted down for your special appearances, you leave the office for the rest of the day.
Appearing on a special episode of Happy Together, dedicated specifically to you, was the first hurdle to jump over. Growing up watching Happy Together back home when your favorite musicians would appear, especially with BigBang, gave you an idea for what to expect. For that day, you had straighten your hair and worn a pair of converse high tops. Your pants were light blue denim with a few tears around the knee, and white short sleeve hid behind a red blazer. The point of the episode with the hosts of Happy Together was to get to know the Foreign Flower of South Korea, a title that continued to be trending on social media. A lot of the questions asked were about your personal life in the States, ranging from where you grew up and went to school, to what type of shows you watched and the events that had led you to come to Seoul. You share plenty of funny stories from your past, making the hosts laugh. "Some of our male viewers are dying to know, are you currently single and looking for a husband?" Yoo Jae-suk asks. You blush and giggle nervously at the question. "Oh, she's adorable!" Kim Shin-Young comments to Park Myeong-su. “Yes, I am currently single, and if I happen to fall in love, then I hope it's with the man of my dreams so we can settle down and start a family,” you answer the question with a shy smile. “Would you like to meet my son?” Park Mi-sun implies, making everyone laugh as you turn bright red. The filming ends soon after that. After a hot shower and delicious dinner, you lay on your couch in search for something to watch on Netflix. Your phone beeps with an incoming notification, making you roll off the couch and drag your body like a zombie across the floor to the counter. It was a snapchat from Dae-Sung, the picture was a smiling selfie of himself with the guys in the background gathered around the television and pointing at your blushing face on the screen from the episode of Happy Together you had shot earlier today. The caption read, 'You did great!' You snap a picture of yourself in a pouting face with the caption, 'Glad my oppas enjoy my embarrassment,' and send it back to him. Your phone dings with another notification but this time it said that your photo had been screen shot, then another snapchat from Dae-Sung comes in, this time it was everyone giving you a thumbs up with the caption reading, 'ur oppas are glad too!' You laugh on the floor, making tears spill out of your eyes as you get up and head back to the couch. You walk into an office filled with even more gifts from random people, asking you out on dates with phone numbers attached to them, the following day. You bang your head against the doorway and swear mentally for being yourself too much on the air. “I should have said that I like someone already,” you groan. The next gig was just a live radio show that wanted to focus on your business accomplishments. With your growing popularity among the public, more listeners than usual were tuned in. The host ask you questions about hardships you had overcome, and goals you have set for yourself at a professional level. You answer politely but take the opportunity to get deep, mentioning that you were happy with who you were today and thankful for everyone that had helped you through the difficult moments. “Wow, after all this, you come off as the type of girl who would get alone with anyone,” the host chuckles. You laugh, “I get that compliment a lot, thank you.” The host continues with questions about the work you had accomplished for YG Entertainment for the past months and the impact you made on the company with your skills. You explain your duties and discuss the perks of working with the incredible staff and getting to know the trainees but leave out stories that involve BigBang to avoid rumors from springing up later on. At the end, the questions get silly, making you laugh hysterically on air and gain even more supporters when your true colors shined through. Your phone beeps just as you prepare to crawl into bed. "Seriously?" You ignore the notification and get comfortable underneath the warm blankets. The phone goes off again, and again, and again, so much that even the tune began to interrupt itself with how quickly the notifications came in. You sit up and grab your phone to see what the commotion was about. An endless list from Instagram and Twitter flood your screen with the amount of followers and comments on your social media was being ambushed with. "Crap crap crap," you turn off the notifications from the sites then silence the phone. "Aishh, I'm not suppose to get famous...."
Congratulations on getting famous!! :D ......Or is that a bad thing? o.O Stay tuned for the next episode to see what happens next! :D Did you enjoy this episode? Think you know what's going to happen next? Did you enjoy finding out why the novel is called Foreign Flower? Tell me your thoughts, I love reading comments! :3 <3 Thank you for reading! The journey will only get crazier from here, promise! ;) *bows* <3 <3
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L 💞 V E IT! I get mad at myself because I read it as soon as you post then I know I have to wait until next post. Thank you
AAAAAAAWWWWWWW. So cute. So sweet. Going to cry now. 😢😊
Well....getting famous was totally not what intended
Yes definitely tag me
@primodiva93 I feel like it's leaning towards him too. ❤️
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