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so I was tagged by @BulletproofV and thank you for the tag but it was created by @sarabear1021 and here's the link to the card--> Without further ado my results
He consoled me after GD left me for the awesome @KwonOfAKind. I knew GD and her were meant to be and knew one day he would realize that. It took Seungri a long time to convince me to give him a chance since he is 4 years younger than me. I really only thought of him as a brother at first but he really chased after me and made me feel like I was his everything.
Of course I had the most amazing dress that was lace. It was perfect for our wedding and the look Seungri had in his eyes when he saw me walk down the aisle was the happiest moment of my life. His eyes never once wavered from mine and he mouthed I love you my everything as I approached him. With tears in our eyes we got to the part of the ceremony where it was time to exchange rings.
Of course my bae knew how I wasn't really a diamond girl and picked out the most perfect and simplistic band. The moment he slid the ring on my finger my heart speak up and my soul felt complete. The boyish smile upon his face as I slid the ring on his finger and we both said our I dos the goosebumps and butterflies started to work up leading up to the kiss. I wasn't sure if he would make a big display of our kiss or do a simple one knowing how I felt about PDA but I was the one that shocked him when he went to release my lips I pulled him back in for another one that was just tad bit longer then released his lips looked up into his eyes and said I love you.
Our reception was outside since we held.the wedding in late june. It was perfect under the trees and lighting making it feel like a magical time.
Some of our honor guests Besides His boys and their dates, @KwonOfAKind, @JiyongLeo, @lovetop, @catchyacrayon, and @helixx who where also our bridesmaids and groomsmen we had BTS as our most honored for helping me to accept Seungri because when Jhope says hes a great catch then it must be true. They also performed at our wedding. Other guests included 2NE1, Super Junior, Hyuna, Vixx, Jay Park, Got7, Winner and Ikon just to name a few. After tossing the flowers and @Lovetop caught it Seungri and I high-tailed it out of there and jetted off to our honeymoon.
To this amazing oasis and paradise. We had so much fun exploring and loving each other. After we came back from our honeymoon we searched for our perfect dream home together and found one for our simplistic lifestyle.
So cozy and welcoming. Our place is the place to gather and have cookouts. Three months after our honeymoon we get some news that we are expecting a child.
Nine months later we bring our only child into the world do to some health complications from giving birth but that child us our Everything and is loved. He grows up to become an idol like his father.
I love the story! And I'm a bridesmaid!!! So if @KwonOfAKind stole GD away from the rest of us and Panda snagged you.... I guess I meet my future husband at your wedding when BTS shows up. So which one of those stinkers will it be...? Rap Monster? Jimin? Suga? I guess I'll just have to wait to find out.
@lovetop You are married to T.O.P ~(^.^)~ . . @VeronicaArtino I really liked how you turn this thing into a story that was really epic ~(^.^)~ I hope you and Ri have the best lives ever together.....and since we both married to members of the band I'm expecting lots of hangouts together lol I'll be looking forward to see your child's performances as an idol ~(^.^)~
bts is definitely trouble because I share the same problem but rapmon just took over V spot the jimin rounds my top 3 but hobi is battling each and everyone with his smile I just can't with bts lol
@VeronicaArtino Rap Monster is my bias wrecker and my BTS bias and second in line for my heart (right behind GD). However, stupid Jimin decided to murder my list and all those standing between him and Rap Monster, even his own members and his idol Taeyang! I know, I'm just as shocked as you. And then Suga rounds out my Top 3 in BTS... for now. Those boys are just trouble.
Love the wedding dress!
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