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No matter how hard people try to break you down or whoever tries to stomp on you. You will always have the same value. No one can change you. Life is happiness. Happiness is the fact that you can do something right to help others. To choose our own way is not an easy thing to do, but everybody has their own choice. When some things are hard, smiling helps us in the end and it becomes more fun. Face everything with a positive mind, and there'll be a good result. Never do things you will regret later. Yesterday is only today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. If you don't give up your hopes and dreams then there will always be a good ending. Even when there's a straight path in front of us, we unfortunately, and foolishly turn right around and it's then we realize it. Robbing someone else's smile and putting it on your face doesn't make you happy. The ground hardens after the rain, so do other people's hearts and feelings. Remember, all you need to do is close your eyes, open your heart and feel the flow of the air around you. Just feel the flow of the air around you. There is no shortcut in life. If one of us falls, we all fall. It isn't an option. Live life while doing what makes you happy. If your wish doesn't come true, then something better was meant for you. Life is only a path full of efforts. Don't give up on your dreams and keep working towards it. The more you feel like giving up, the more you can't do it. When you start something new there will be some difficulties, but it gets better when you use your heart and accept it. Beyond time and space, please stay happy. No matter what happen, we define who we are. Life is a game. Play it. Nothing is impossible because we are one. @DestinaByrd
@Msrayray95 I wouldn't know
@Msrayray95 they made Chanyeol work when he was sick, a video got leaked from a performance in 2014 of EXO doing Overdose and Chanyeol went off stage with two others but Chanyeol got sick while off stage and he was sick before
@Msrayray95 it's because he's filming in China, Plus he had his injury so the filming got postponed until he was well
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