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"My Unfortunate Boyfriend" (K-Drama Review)


A love story between Yoon Tae-Woon (No Min-Woo) also known as Mr. Unfortunate, who always sticks to truth, and Yoo Ji-Na (Yang Jin-Sung), who lies when necessary. These two met each other when they were younger but don't know it yet. It is fate that they meet once again. Yoon Tae-Woon falls for Yoo Ji-Na easily and Yoo Ji-Na slowly falls for Yoon Tae-Woon, but she is confused about who she truly loves. Is it Tae-Woon or is it her boss, Kang Hee-Chul (Yoon Hak). She has to learn the real value of love.



Yoon Tae-Woon (No Min Woo) My favorite character was Mr. Unfortunate himself because his character drew me in right from the get-go. His personality is so adorable and I wanted to squeeze everytime he had a cute moment which was basically every second he showed on the screen. He is so funny and likeable even though he brings misfortune to others, he gives love to Ji-Na. He has a painful past that makes him show sadness within his smiles. He is warm, cheerful, bright and innocent. And his smile is so cute!


Kang Hee-Chul (Yoon Hak) This is the Director of IM and he is a lead candidate for the CEO position. Hee-Chul falls for Ji-Na but plays the woman in line to marry him named Hye-Mi by saying that he likes her but doesn't. He dates Ji-Na while he's with Hye-Mi, but Ji-Na does the same thing with Hee-Chul and Tae-Woon. Expect she doesn't know who she wants to be with and is confused and Hee-Chul isn't. He isn't that cute but is kind of creepy in my opinion.
Hye-Mi and Ji-Na get along pretty well for rivals. I actually liked Hye-Mi because she isn't really a mean person.


There are some funny moments in this show and by some, I mean a lot. I laughed so much especially from Tae-Woon because of his adorable and unfortunate personality. All of the funny situations he is in are priceless.


I loved these two together so much. The chemistry and love bet them is so cute. I love that they were fated to be together even when they were younger. The backstory that led them together is heartbreaking yet it makes me happy because they are meant to be together. They are so comedic and cute!


The kite kiss was perfectly planed out. They are just going for a stroll, Tae-Woon sees a kite and gets it for Ji-Na. Then climbs down there tree and reaches for Ji-Na. They kiss and my favorite OST from this show called "Unzena" by No Min Woo starts to play and cherry blossoms fly around. It's a beautiful kiss. But the only ur thing I could think about was doesn't it hurt to stay in that position Tae-Woon? It is a passionate kiss otherwise.


I really enjoyed this drama. The backstory was interesting and got deeper into it. The characters were fun and interesting. It was very comedic and cute. I loved the music and kisses. I enjoyed and disliked some scenes. But enjoyed more than disliked. It had a happy ending for both couples and it was very cute.


9/10 - I loved it a lot because of the humor and adorableness with it. But there were a couple things that bothered me. I definitely recommend it though.

Have you watched "My Unfortunate Boyfriend" and did you like it?

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It was such a different role for No Min Woo!!
2 years ago·Reply
@JamiMilsap I just started My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and I'd agree with that. He can pull off anything role because these two roles are completely different but he does such a great job!
2 years ago·Reply
@biancadanica98 I love No Min Woo so I pretty much wiil/have watched whatever he's in! :-D
2 years ago·Reply
I haven't watch this yet! 😂 I need to though! Like how in the world did that elevator scene happen?LOL 😭
2 years ago·Reply
@IMNII you'll just have to watch it to find out
2 years ago·Reply