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Weeeee! It's hunting time once again!
Let's do this!
1. G-Dragon fan art.
2. Video of BIGBANG members reacting to another idol group's performance at an award show.
The other two aren't of the group as a whole but TOP's face at the 1 minute mark in video 2 is priceless! And video 3 with Seungri is just as precious.
3. Gifs or video of each member of BIGBANG doing body rolls.
TOP's is as close as it's going to get to a body roll, from what I can find. That man's middle does not move when he dances!
4. Video of Taeyang performing any of his solo songs live.
I chose his performance of Eyes, Nose, Lips from the MADE tour.
5. JRE reaction video relating to BIGBANG. Can be of a BIGBANG, solo or sub-unit music video. Tell me why you chose that particular reaction video.
It's a tie for me between two:
1. Doom Dada because I love how confused and amused he gets throughout the whole thing as to what is going on.
2. Let's Not Fall In Love because this was the first video I saw from JRE and I love how he had to keep pausing because he was hypnotized by them. His reaction to GD always makes me laugh when he wants him to stop staring at him like that and I generally shared all his feelings.
6. 10 of the funniest BIGBANG memes you can find.
7. The sexiest picture of each member and the sexiest picture of all 5 members together
8. Clip of Daesung speaking Japanese.
9. Pictures or gifs of BIGBANG members with other Kpop idols (non-YG artists only).
10. Pictures of merchandise with Seungri's name and/or likeness on them.
11. BIGBANG dance practice video (must have all 5 members in the video).
12. Four gifs of TOP that show his dimples and one gif of TOP that does not show his dimples.
EXTRA CREDIT: 13. I am currently sick and am losing my voice and I have to work another 30 hours this weekend. Show me pictures of your best cold/flu/laryngitis remedies and explain anything I need to know to make it work.
Rest is obviously the most important thing so any chance you get to cuddle up and sleep, take it! If you're at work, take a moment to sit down if possible. You lose a lot of stamina when sick and overworking yourself will just make it worse since your body can't take the time it needs to fight the illness. So, rest! rest! rest!
Another tip is drink either room temp. or warm water. Cold water will be refreshing but won't really help your sore throat. Gentle tea, like chamomile with honey or anything with peppermint is good for the throat. Gargling with warm water and some salt is also really good for a sore throat.
Lastly, medicines. Advil/Tylenol for body aches, Mucinex for any congestion, Nyquil for sleep, Dayquil to get you through the day. If a fever hits, go to the doctor to get some antibiotics.
EXTRA CREDIT: 14. Show me your favorite music video from another Kpop idol group you love. Make sure to explain why you love this particular song/video/group.
GO7 - If You Do.
The MAD era is by far my favorite era for Got7. I've loved them from the beginning but this more mature sound and look was so unexpected, especially after the cuteness of Just Right, that it sent me for a loop.
When did baby BamBam and Yugyeom grow up and get so hot?! Who gave Mark the right to be that sassy? Who knew it was possible for JB to get any more attractive?!
Their vocals in this song are some of their best all around, the beat is so catchy and THAT DANCE! That foot work is amazing and it's some of the best choreography I've seen in a while.
I'm not ready for their comeback next month. I'm not over this era yet. I don't know what is to come but I'm so excited to see what they have in sort for fans, at the same time.
I had to delete some things because I ran out of room for pictures and videos but the hunt is complete! Yay!
I hope you guys enjoy!
Great job. Sorry I'm so late on this.
Hahahhha... TOP in Twilight...
Hot water with Honey and lemon juice tastes bad but it's good for laryngitis.