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School was great. You had pick all the fun and easy going teachers that Royal High had. Not only that but your best friend was there with you for every class. The bell for lunch break rang "Y/N lets go to the cafeteria" Myungsoo said "I taught you would never ask, I'm starving" you said while smiling Nodding and moving aside for you to get out of your seat he said "let's go" Lunch at Royal High was like going to a Five Star Restaurant. You could order anything and I mean anything. They served all kinds of food from all over the world. When Leaving the cafeteria, you would see a small store where chips,sodas,ice cream etc where sold. After getting your food and beverages,You suggest to go and eat on the benches outside,already knowing the reason why Myungsoo was fast to tell you "No" "Aww please Myung" "I said No" "Please,please with a cherry on top" you said while giving him your famous puppy face. And of course being the week person he is when it comes to that face he gave in "Fine! But if I get more dark your going to pay for it" "Thank you,Myung" you said Hugging him, it didn't took long for you to pull him right out the door all the way to a bench.
The reason why you loved lunch do much was because it was the time of the way where the sun was bright and Namjoon would come out to play soccer. You where eating peacefully while admiring the amazing view. When suddenly you felt something hit your leg, you saw him running towards you, you close your eyes and open them to see him right in front of you "Are you okay?" He ask You only stare at him with a blank look in your face you wanted to answers but didn't know how. "Hey!,are you okay?" "What's wrong?"His friend came and ask "I don't know, she won't answer me and is just looking at me with that stupid look on her face" You snap back to reality after hearing the word "stupid" "Let's just go we don't have enough time to play" he friend said, you where about to say something when "This is why I hate dumb girls,like her" his words crash into to you like a bag of rocks, you wanted to speak up but couldn't, it wasn't your fault was it? You couldn't control all the feelings that you felt when your first crush ever came and talk to you. You where thinking about how embarrassing it was, that you didn't even notice you had tears rolling down your cheeks. Coming back from the restroom Myungsoo was surprised to see you like that he didn't knew what had happen and you couldn't even speak properly when he ask "what was wrong?" You simply just cry in his shoulder. In the distance he stare at them, her crying in his arms, her tears rolling down her cheeks, why is she crying? Did the ball hit her that hard? He wondered
You wished you could go inside a hole, as you passed by all the people that had witness the embarrassing moment between Namjoon and you, everyone would point at you and chuckle. The only thing you could do was hide behind Myungsoo. Of course you could use the power your family had in the school, that would make everyone stay quite, why because your aunt was the founder of the school more like the headmaster, your family was the second riches one in school right after Namjoon's family of course. But you didn't like to us the name of your family for a reason like this, you just weren't that type of girl. The bell rang informing everyone that it was time to go home. As you where packing your stuff Myungsoo tap your shoulder and asked "hey, do you want to come to my place and watch a movie or something?" You only nodded in response he took your hand and lead you out the class room. Right outside the school gate you saw Mr.Li your personal driver. That's when you remember that you had to go home and nowhere else. "Sorry, Myung I forgot dad said to be home today" you said with a frown. "It's okay, we can watch a movie some other time" You started to walk away "sorry again" Almost reaching the car door Myungsoo pulled you by the wrist and gave you a bear hug....."if you want to talk about what happened make sure to message me okay" he said as he let go of you and pinch your cheeks. He then pushed you inside the car and told the driver to leave.
"Hey,Namjoon"Jin yelled getting the attention of the boy that was leaving. "What's up?" "The boys want to go to the cinema, you should come" "I wish, my parents are having dinner at their friends house and want me to go" Namjoon said with an unpleased voice. "Ah okay we'll see you tomorrow" Jin said to him while waving good bye. "why do I have to attend some stupid business dinner" Namjoon said while walking towards his car.
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