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I love them so much!!!
Dood I was laughing so hard when Wonho was on the line like YAAAAAAAHH!!! HAHA they are the best good grief <3 <3 <3!!!
I know right!!! I love these guys because they always spoil us and think of us. Also, always concerned about us! Man He's (They Are) a Keeper! That's it I'm never getting married because Monsta X has put the standards really high to my expectations 馃槩 馃挊 Lmao @reyestiny93 I was thinking... Us Monbebes should do something in return! but I'm not sure what yet... I feel like we should surprise them or something. Maybe doing something special at a concert and spreading the word... idk I just feel like they need something in return from us Monbebes.
Dude tell me why I laughed so hard too!!! I was over here trying to keep my cool clean in public but I couldn't. Oh Man !! @Meeshell
That was so funny.