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I'm sure there are a lot that you would and could recommend but that defeats the purpose of the ? Me I guess naruto because of the message of never giving up on your dreams and loyalty to you friends is big for me. Most shows protagonist sought of fall into there roll of are forced into it where as naruto started out with a goal and never gave up on it. His goal was to be the greatest hokage in history and he never deviated for that goal. I just think Naruto just has so much to offer for those of all ages and gender
boku no pico
@AxelVillasenor @Ticasensei @WarrenDreiling @xerokun @HardlyMalcolm glad to see so many true anime lovers I half expected to see a lot of the mainstream anime named but got a lot of good replies and new anime to check out. thanks
blue exorcist.
attack on titan
my thanks to all that replied sorry if not shout out in last post thought I hit everyone
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