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(Picture is meant to say fall 2016)

Now that the third season of "Tokyo Ghoul" has been confirmed, fans of the anime are waiting for news about its storyline. However, a report by When Will indicated that the problem lies with the amount of material available in the manga that may not be sufficient to produce an entire season. Based on the report, there are only 43 chapters currently available which may not be enough to cover season 3. With this, producers of the anime are reportedly trying to schedule the exact release of the new episodes and explorie the possibility of not being entirely faithful to the manga in order to meet their targets.

Season 2 ended on a strong note after it closed its existing storyline which freed up the production team to explore new storylines for season 3. Among the speculations are that season 3 will focus on the ghoul and former waitress Touka Kirishima which is a deviation from the manga and the anime, which are told from the perspective of amnesiac and college student Kaneki, Christian Today reported. The report also hinted that Kirishima will be featured as Keneki's training partner in the upcoming season.

There are also those that speculate a reboot of the series in the third season. Moreover, some reports say that the season will be released by summer 2016 but these remain unconfirmed. In related news, FUNimation Entertainment CEO and President Gen Fukunaga announced the latest "Tokyo Ghoul" mobile game, which he said is a result of the strong demand from fans of the series.

"Ever since we began simulcasting the anime series last year, fans of 'Tokyo Ghoul' have been clamoring for a mobile game. With season 2 now finished and season 3 set for 2016, the anticipation for the game has only grown higher," Fukunaga said.

The release date for season is rumoured to be somewhere in September - December. But it has been confirmed!!

If you've had not heard on the rumoured re boot it looks like we'll have a mix or re (Tokyo ghoul re) and a re - boot on certain parts (meaning resetting some past things to help make sense with the story line)

well good. they can crap on the manga in 2016 as well
oh my... I cant wait
I've been hearing so many different things but this clears things up a little bit
I can't wait that long I might commit suicide before that
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