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@amobigbang I wanted to play so here I go...
ok he's my bias wrecker and has second place in my heart so I see no pebbles with this.
I'm a fashion designer (I think)....I see a problem here.....I have no sense in fashion though....maybe I'll get better when I get older lol
Damn! my fashion designing must be hella good!
omg. my parents must be so proud of me!
ok. I don't really know this place but imma go look it up now.
well......that's sad.....considering that Kai is a walking sex god.....maybe this is our first time?
....this is the result of Kai's and my bad love I'm ok with this.....I've only wanted one child anyways lol
Lol ok this was fun and interesting to do. I like this. thank you to the maker of this. :3
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thanks for playing