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Dedicated to my best friend Deborah~ You had been dating Yixing, it's been a rough yet beautiful relationship. You have been stress about your ex Youngjae, he has been interested in you once again, but fortunately you have Bobby the guy who has been there for you since the start. Let's see how these relationships work out and solve themselves Prologue: Chapter 1:
To think it'll only morning... Let me not think these thoughts today before I end up just slient with my tears hiding them from everyone. I hate that I hide it yet I'm just hesitate to even start opening up because before it was so difficult until I made friends that genuinely and sincerely cared about me. When I met them it helped with my stress and thoughts but I just hope they know how much I appreciate them (Author: just wanted to say that I really appreciate you as my friend, I sincerely do~) I have the feeling they know even though I like being sarcastic and stubborn at times. While I'm still on the bus listening to paper hearts my playlist starting playing GOT7's If you do.. Damn.. What's up with these songs today? Why does it seem like everyone wants to mess with my emotions and mind?.. I don't want to hear Youngjae's beautiful yet imitating voice.. His lines are about us, I know it yet I can't stop listening.. Aish just let my bus arrive at school soon.. (Finally arrived at School, and in your first hour with Bobby..) Time for English, can't wait to just hear of the news of our essays and ish. I honestly don't have patience to hear about these essays or anything to be fair, I rather be staring off to space but of it wasn't for Bobby, I wouldn't be here honestly. Even though we argue at times I still appreciate my best friend because he is always there and isn't a fake person. Today I was surprised and caught off guard when the teacher said to pick partners. Bobby came over and said "I know you were half asleep, we are going to work on summarizing the book To Kill A Mocking Bird and the book Anthem, honestly we both could care less but it's summative" while I scold and sigh we start to work which somehow ends up with me and Bobby outside the classroom. "Yah, Kim Jiwon! I told you to stop messing around!" He rolled his eyes and glared "Nega?!? (Me)?!?, don't you mean you? I told you to focus and be on track but look at us now Deborah! We are in trouble and now arguing for probably a stupid yet revelate point!" I glared while muttering "Touché, you have a point now shut up or I swear we'll end up in more problems and I'll kill you (NOT REALLY PEOPLE)" he scoffed, "You kill me? Impossible because you love me, I'm not able to be defeated by you" and that's when I smacked him, not to hard, but he got my point "Pft, I may care for you but love is off limits for you, you already know I have Yixing." You stated, but you didn't notice his eyes glaring at the mention of Yixing's name. After ten minutes passed.. "Oh look who we have here, my sweet Deborah why are you here with this yoobae who is not important?" the voiced sneered but it was the owner of the voice who made you angry. "Choi Youngjae, back the off now and I'm not yours. Leave Jiwon alone. If you don't I would hesitate to put you in your place" I just wanted peace honestly. Youngjae just loves to make my life more difficult and slip back into my life but I wish he'll go away forever. "Yah! Sunbae or not, back the heck off you jerk! I always wondered why Deborah dated such guy with no class, you didn't even and still don't deserve her, also leave both of us alone. I won't allow you to interfere again." You heard Bobby said with a serious yet lethal tone. With only a sneer and glare Youngjae left you two alone. Bobby noticed you gathering your things only to ditch first hour but he didn't stop you. He knew you needed time to think and clear your thoughts. Walking Home.. You played the song "Hurt", only to hear Yixing's soothing voice making your tears swell. You messaged him saying "I hope you're doing well, don't work too hard Yixing, just know I want you to eat properly and stay healthy I don't care if you are working out or not I just want you happy and well. Wǒ ài nǐ (I love you) Yixing." you constantly worried about him, knowing he is so passionate about his work that he even damages himself for it. You got his reply a minute later saying "Wǒ ài nǐ Jagyia (Chinese- I love you, Korean- Girlfriend), you too stay healthy and take care araso (okay)? Don't diet too, you're so beautiful already! I might be able to visit sooner than expected too" your heart raced with the thought of having Yixing being close to you once again. Yet then when you reached home you when to watch some dramas and shows only to think and drown yourself in thoughts once again. Your tears come faster and breath panting. You collapsed from mental exhaustion. Three hours later.. You woke up to Bobby crying and holding you in his arms. You kept your eyes closed yet you kept hearing "Deborah please wake up.. I need you alive.. I haven't even told you what I been meaning too.. Wake up! You can't leave me! I'm Jiwonie, your childhood best friend, your comforter, your go too, your friend with a c-" That's when you spoke up and moved away from him in shock, "Bobby? What are you doing here?" He was relieved and hugged you. "Yah! You scared me! You didn't answer your phone at all! When I ditched and come over I saw you collapsed.. And dang! I was just scared for you!!" And with that an old thought came to you "Why and how did I meet you all, but the question is why do you all, always manage to stay in my life by making me care so much yet it hurts so much.." IM SORRY THIS IS SO LATE!!! I didn't forget about this story but I had not time to write and make updates at all in the past weeks and so but I hope you like it!! Also -jiwon im so sorry this was late but I really hope you enjoyed this update!~