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Let's talk about, the Nose Gang. な| に | ぬ | ね | の な: | as in Nah に:| as in Knee ぬ:| as in New ね:| as in Net の:| as in Noah

Easy ways to remember them

に looks like someone kneeling ね literally looks like a net ぬ literally looks like a noodle の literally looks like a no smoking sign - You're close to being done , just a few more to go and we would've gone over all the ひらがな (Hiragana) characters.
Examples: You can practice saying these and writing them down if that helps you. 何 「なに」: What 如何に 「いかに」: How? In what way? 家主 「いえぬし」: Landlord 兼ねて 「かねて」: simultaneously 此の 「この」 : This
さよなら! Until next time everyone.