I absolutely love this song, the meaning, the sound, everything. the way they set up the stage was amazing and I cried way before they showed Kookie. I cried when Suga started rapping lmao but god these boys... these boys...
I love this song too!! when I first heard it I had to download it so I can always listen to it. When I saw a video of them singing it live at their concert I couldn't stop crying and then I saw them crying too I ended up bawling like a baby馃槩馃槩 They work soo hard and they are sooo precious!!! I'm glad they are getting more attention and fame now!! BTS fighting!!
@VickyLe they deserve everything they have achieved and even more than that, I am waiting for the day all of them fully fulfill their dreams and I hope to help them with it in what way I can
thank you so much @TheEnlightment
@abby177 no need to apoligize, Born Singer live
what song is it?? I'm sorry I, for some reason, can't see the video