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You know, I'm a plain Jane healing from my kidney transplant and trying out make up.. I'm such a noob to it still. However cards by @jordanhamilton @marshalledgar and @TessStevens have given my courage to come out my shell. Today a friend talking me into something random and I took a dive at it as long as it is not permanent I am cool with it. Results below.
I officially have Royal blue and Black hair lol. So my friend and I went to this jazzy place in Queens today and she told then to give her a blue blend with out it being permanent. So they took two hair extensions and mixed it in with my already dark hair. The front was a bit of a pain because I told them I can't be bothered with stuff all in the front of my head. But I think the black and blue look was achieved. It was fun, New and exciting. Now I'm like to I have to match my hair to my clothes. @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @amobigbang @buddyesd @SamTheMallow @BeannachtOraibh @MoisEsGaray @nobankai Tell me if I look crazy? My mom said my hair matches my vile laugh. I took that as awesome lol.
I love it! The first time I dyed my hair purple I was nervous to go out too lol. It was eye catching, but honestly I felt like a rockstar. You look great! You should flaunt it all you want :D
You look great!! Now go show off big time!! :-)
@LAVONYORK Walk out the door with your head held high and strut your stuff girl! 😎
you look very beautiful
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