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Wow, 32 chapters! Holy canoli! I actually feel really accomplished!!! Thank you all for the enormous support! You rock!!
The year is 2016. The mutants have been fighting a war with the adaptable sentinal robots for what seems like an eternity. The robots are programed to do one thing, and one thing only. Kill mutants. It was beginning to become a fight for survival of all mankind as the sentinals started targeting humans as well. The ones who had the capacity to procreate a mutant. The world is in ruins, and the Xmen are doing all they can to stop the sentinals. The only problem? Sentinals are as adaptable as Mystique. They can kill anything. Blasts could be heard from everywhere. The sentinals were attacking. X men were falling to them one by one, until they finally came to the safe that Kitty Pryde was hiding in. "To late assholes." She said with a smirk, dissappearing just like she was never there. Now they are in what looks like a shrine in china. The X-jet arrives with Charles, Alexander, Serenity, Logan, Storm, Bucky, Steve, JJ and Krystal in toe. Kitty and Bobby greet them. "Professer! Auntie Krystal!" came Kitty's excited voice, hugging them both. Krystal smiled softly. It was good to see her, even if it was because of grim circumstances. She had often taught at the Xavier school after making up with Charles, and she requested the students call her auntie. Charles had been to afraid to tell her that wasn't really very professional. Everyone followed Kitty into the shrine after Storm had offered them the cover of a wicked thunderstorm. Krystal hugged her son Alexander. "We're gonna fix this." she promised, knowing how scared he is. Despite being just over 50, he knew that having mutant blood made him and his sister targets too.
*Begin Flashback* Charles sighed as he sat at his desk, looking out into the distance. Today would be his kids 18th birthday, yet he had not seen them since they were just newborns. Krystal had made sure of that, fearing if she let him see them, she would fall back into his arms and he would get hurt again. Charles knew that door all to well when it appeared in his office. What he wasn't expecting though was who emerged from it. Twins. A boy with his bright blue eyes and spiked midnight blue hair, who wore a black duster with a fitted blue button down shirt that was remeniscent of Roger and Hammerstein's Cinderella. He was tall, and he wore dark fitted pants that hugged his legs like leggings. He didn't look like the kind of man you would want to mess with. Then there emerged a girl, whose long blue hair flowed as she walked, and eyes the color of glaciars. She wore a fitted midnight blue cocktail dress that hugged her curves and 6 inch stilettos that showed just how much she was like her mother. She pushed the hair away from her face, and Charles would be mesmerized with her delicate beauty. Every graceful step she made as she closed the door behind her reminded him of the night he met their mother. There was no doubt in his mind that these were his babies. "Mama Thought we might wanna see you today." The girl explained softly, standing close to her brother for a small amount of courage. Each twin was just a little nervous, but Charles would not be able to tell. Only the girl showed a small amount of nervousness as she watched him as he got up from his desk. He looked over the two teens, walking closer to the girl and hugging her. "My dear Serenity and Alexander. Its been much to long. The last time I saw you two you were in diapers." he said with a soft chuckle, beckoning Alexander over for a hug also. He hadn't thought he'd live to see his kids grown. He thought Krystal would keep them from him forever. Serenity hands him a note. "Mama asked me to give you this. She thought you might want to help train us. Mama doesn't know anything of your powers. We inherited them alongside hers. " she explained levelly, though there was a soft meekness to her speech. The teen wasn't quite sure what to do now that she was actually with her father. Charles smiled softly. "I'd love to my dears. what is it you seem to have trouble with?" he asked cheerfully, smiling at them. He was every bit as kind and caring as their mother described. They loved him already. Alexander smiled a little, explaining how he had trouble filtering out the noise in his head. He could hear everyones thoughts, even the ones of Jean grey. They talked and Charles taught them for hours until it was time for dinner. "we'll go out for dinner, okay? A birthday treat." He said with with a smile, the twins nodding as their clothes changed to match the styles of the 80's. Krystal was watching all this from a mirror in her room as she brushed her long hair, and smiled softly. "He really is adorable with them. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to pay him a visit." She mused to herself softly, quickly changing and waiting until Charles was all alone in his room to appear. "I see you still wear that bracelet I made you." came her smooth voice, and Charles jumped. Could he really be hearing her, or were his ears deceiving him again? He had often dreamed of seeing her again, and it seemed like tonight was the night. Charles turned, noting how she was still just as beautiful as when he fell for her. "Krys..." he breathed, running to her and kissing her with all the passion and love he posessed. She was still the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. *Flashback to be continued...*
Charles looked worried. "This will be the last time." he explained levelly as Kitty simply nodded. If this didn't work, then both man and mutant kind would become extinct. They needed to stop this before it could kill all life. Kitty looked afraid. "I can send someone back a day or two, maybe a week. What you're suggesting is decades, professor. That would be way to much strain on your mind!" she exclaimed, eyes showing how uncertain she was about all this. She wasn't confident she could even do this. Both Bobby and the professor put their hands on her shoulder. "I have faith in you, Kitty." Charles replied, gauging Krystal's reaction to all this. He knew even though Wolverine could regenerate just as quickly as she, Krystal wouldn't accidentally mortally wound Kitty. Charles's reasoning wasn't all just for Kitty's sake though. He had an ulterior motive. He knew if Krystal was the one to go back, she'd have to come see him. He hoped in doing so, She might fall back in love with him, and it'd be him kissing her right now and not Bucky. As if on cue, Krystal laid down on the slab. "Send me back Kitty. I can regenerate the fastest, and there's no danger of me hurting you. No offence Jimmy, but you'd probably accidentally skewer poor Kit." Wolverine nodded, though he rolled his eyes. Even now she was teasing him. Charles had to hide the smile that was threatening to curl up on his face. Even after all this time he knew exactly how she worked.
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