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Here's another show that we could look out for, Basketball. The plot, as taken from dramabeans: "Basketball (spelled in hangul in a quirky old way), the story follows young men who struggle to find a bright spot in the darkness of their times, and basketball becomes their “lamplight.” The drama follows their loves, conflicts, unity, and emotional victory, and includes the first and last time that Korea had a single national basketball team. It was right before the official division between North and South, when the team made history by advancing to the quarterfinals of the 1948 Olympics." So to some extent, the drama is partly true and based on historical events right before Korea was divided into two like we see right now. With such intense plot, I would expect to see an experienced cast. However, the producer chose to go for newcomer Do Ji Han, Choi Shin Young and especially WG's Ye Eun, who would make her first screen debut with this drama. Not saying that the cast won't do a good job, just that it's unexpected. However, this gives me some kind of excitement. I hope the cast will completely challenge whatever doubts that people are giving them now. I've read that Ye Eun has been taking acting classes since 2009, and honestly I can't wait to see her in the show. Look at the poster, you can no longer see a pretty a cheerful Ye Eun. Instead, the tears that silently run down her face and the ahjumma-like hairstyle transform her into a rich household maid named Bong Soon. Dramabeans have more details about this drama if you guys are interested to know ^^
@oj1992 I don't really like the poster... she looks too old. But I guess that's the story they are trying to tell...
tks ! I like the 3rd pix. Somehow i am drawn to guys wz single eyelids ... so sexy ! : )))