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I know I haven't been posting much in the past couple weeks. work has be busy and a boy has me busy.
yeah, this dude has been taking up my weekends. lol Anyway, enough distraction from you Mr. Dexter! You and your pretty blue eyes and awesome nose ring need to step aside! on with the scavenger hunt!
1. G-Dragon fan art
2. Video of BIGBANG members reacting to another idol group's performance at an award show.
3. Gifs or video of each member of BIGBANG doing body rolls.
4. Video of Taeyang performing any of his solo songs live.
5. JRE reaction video relating to BIGBANG. Can be of a BIGBANG, solo or sub-unit music video. Tell me why you chose that particular reaction video. he's so cute with his dancing and commentary during this live performance reaction. especially since there wasn't any choreo originally for this song.
6. 10 of the funniest BIGBANG memes you can find.
7. The sexiest picture of each member and the sexiest picture of all 5 members together (that means you should have six sexy pictures in total).
8. Clip of Daesung speaking Japanese.
9. Pictures or gifs of BIGBANG members with other Kpop idols (non-YG artists only).
10. Pictures of merchandise with Seungri's name and/or likeness on them.
11. BIGBANG dance practice video (must have all 5 members in the video).
12. Four gifs of TOP that show his dimples and one gif of TOP that does not show his dimples.
13. I am currently sick and am losing my voice and I have to work another 30 hours this weekend. Show me pictures of your best cold/flu/laryngitis remedies and explain anything I need to know to make it work.
14. Show me your favorite music video from another Kpop idol group you love. Make sure to explain why you love this particular song/video/group. Shinhwa's VENUS will forever be my favourite video. I'm not really sure why, but ever since the song came out it's one I don't get tired of.
Killing me with those Taeyang body rolls!
T.O.P and his dimples 😍😍😍😍