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35 Times BTS Made You Jealous of A Lollipop

We all know the Bangtan Boys have a penchant for putting sticked candy into their mouths. But what is their motive for doing so?

Is it to ruin the lives of fangirls the world over? A secret plot for world domination? Or, do they just enjoy the sweet satisfaction one can only obtain from sucking on a quality piece of hard candy? Let's investigate...

We begin our research with the most tame of our evidence. Nothing alarming here, aside from the fact that that Chupa Chup is as large as Kookie's head. How is he supposed to eat that?

Here, we see things have started to get a bit more... involved, shall we say? Still, by all means, this evidence seems pretty innocent.

Ok, now things are starting to get a little intense... Is it me or is it getting hot in here?

Um... *clears throat* In conclusion, this activity is clearly dangerous and volatile and is obviously a plot to take over the world one blabbering, incoherent fangirl at a time. Even Hobi is suspicious.

Excuse me while I take a cold shower... We mustn't let these extremely rude boys win!

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I would like to be tagged please.
2 years agoReply
Those poor lollipop being violated by those rude boys
2 years agoReply
tag me please
2 years agoReply
this was just beautiful. JIMIN GET OUT!!!! WHY YOU GOTTA DO THAT TO MEEEEE!!!!!! My ovaries.... have exploded. 馃槓馃樀馃拃馃懟馃憛 RIP EVERYTHING
2 years agoReply
Tag me please
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