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Hiya tbell2 again! Ahhhh Okay so I felt all the emotions possible while I binged watched season 1 with my best friend who recommended the anime! Man, All the Feels is SOOO REALLL!!!!!! For those who havent seen it I just watched it all in two days and it was sooo worth it! If you are a sucker for a good romance and some action and comedy, This anime is for you!! It is about this human girl, Nanime Monozono, who meets this Land Deity, and he gives her his Land Deity symbol. Her whole world is completely changed from them on!!! So she then has the wonderful luck of kissing this blue fox demon, Tomoe, and when a familiar kisses a deity, that deity becomes their master. Tomoe now must protect and obey Nanime for all time, as long as she remains the Land Deity of the Mikage Shrine!
Of course along the way we meet some wonderful supporting characters that love to stir trouble for the two of them because many deities dont want to believe that a human girl can be worthy enough to be called a deity. But with the help of Tomoe and others, Nanime manages just fine X3 :D
So tomorrow I will be watching season 2 (even tho I really need to do some of my Western Civ homework...) hehe X3 I'll take some Kamisama study breaks hahaha XD
@MerrileeBark oh my goodnessss!!! I am literally obsessed!!!! I love the profile pic tho! XD @Kirik I KNOW RIGHT!?!?! Like almost every ep I was like ahhhhh all the emotions. I was on the floor with some tears or just saying relationship goals..wait I just wanna Tomoe and Kurama to love me hahahaha X3 Yeah my friend told me that season 2 got reallyyyyy intense!! @ChristinaOMalle Im hoping for a Season 3!! @tayhar18920 yeahhh I saw the listing for the ova sooo im excited!!! and man I need ro read trh manga as well!!!
@tayhar18920 you mean that OVA that Tomoe well ya know go back to the past to change tomoe past? I heard one is coming out in April
I've re watched this anime 3 times I love it!! I also read the manga (so far what is out at the time) 2 times 馃槄 love it! @tbell2 there's also 1 ova and another shirt series for it currently airing ... It should finish in August it's called : kamisama hajimemashita kako-hen - it's based off the manga - so far there's 2 episodes for it the last 2 will air August this year... Long wait but worth it!!
OMG! Easily one of my absolute favorites. Nanami is so kind and soothing, but still so strong. When I'm feeling really stressed and high strung, i can put on Tomoes Song or the Kagura Dance song and imagine Nanami there with me and it really does let me calm down and focus. OMFG, the feels! And Season 2 is sssssssooooooo good!!!!!!
My favorite anime of all time! As you can tell from my profile pic... 馃槀
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