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As we all know Seungri has a HUGE reputation with the ladies and the clubs of the whole planet, but why would a guy who wants a girlfriend (especially one to call him oppa) and to get married act the oppisite? Well I found an article online --that I hope somebody could confirm-- with him telling the story of his first love that basically cheated on him with another man when he (Seungri) moved to Seoul! This also fits with his part of the Loser music video. Does this mean that he is afraid of being in a relationship because of his first love? He has even admitted to still being in contact with her. I honestly hope that his heart can heal because he shouldn't let this block him from happiness. Any thoughts?
@ZitaMahoney never know of his past. All we gotta do is support him. 💯 he might show us his happy side ... but we don't know what's deep down beside himself. Remember : every human carries a mask or two
I don't blame him. Psychologically a human will fear for a mistake or a bad experience to be repeated in the second time. I went through it. and ya I have fun but when it comes to relationship... I avoid it . . He was hurt. Not saying he is scared but he is being cautious about his future
@BBxGD I feel like he needs someone that he can depend on like a friend or something 24/7 so he knows that he isn't alone before he makes another step...but it is hard cuz of his idol status