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So, I have been trying to get caught up on Canon Naruto. I read all the Manga up to the 2 year time skip, and then I watched Naruto: The Last. I enjoyed The Last. I thought it was pretty awesome... then I got to Boruto... *sigh*. First, let me say, that I utterly despise the Boruto and Himawari character models. It looks like they gave Naruto a rounder face like Kushina had, and then gave them stupid ass leaf haircuts. Now that that's out of the way, I will admit, I watched only 1/3rd of the movie on Anilinkz before I couldn't stomach anymore. I have 2 HUGE problems for the third of the movie I watched. The cheat gauntlet, which eliminates the need to do anything other than know how to pop a tiny scroll into it, and my biggest complaint... BORUTO IS A FUCKING SPOILED WHINEY ASS BITCH! Naruto... after Kaguya was sealed, and Toneri was taken care of in The Last... Nobody other than Sasuke could ever be on Narutos level *Not counting the Otsutsukis added in Boruto*. Naruto gained each and every ounce of his strength, through blood, sweat, and tears, training himself into the ground. Boruto however, is a whiney little bitch. He is spoiled by the entire village, like Sasuke was, so he feels entitled to shit. He is unhappy that Naruto keeps sending Kage Bunshin to do things with the family when Naruto can't leave the office. Instead of being happy that he actually has family, he gets broody like Sasuke used to be. Instead of training for ANYTHING, he opts to use the cheat gauntlet, which was a stupid ass idea in my opinion, on the Author's part. Before he asked Konohamaru how to do the Rasengan, he had never trained a day in his life. Everything was always given to him. He DEMANDS Sasuke to apprentice him, and tell him ALL of naruto's weaknesses, so he can destroy and humiliate his dad. To top it off, he feels that he is to good to need a team, blowing off plans, to try to be cool, like Sasuke did when he was younger. Out of the third of the movie I watched before I couldn't stand it anymore, I DESPISE BORUTO! Please comment any thoughts you had on the movie. I'd like to know of I should suffer through the rest, if there is any good Naruto or Sasuke action.
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@MalcolmAllen Yeah, but Hinata is also plenty strong as well. Nowhere near Sasuke and naruto's level, but she could teach him some stuff too.
@worldofelites19 without byakugon its very limited to what she could teach him. it looks like he learned the gentle fist techniques but without byakugon he probably only learned the basics. I just wish he learned the fourth hokages moves and he would've been awesome
I need a sasuke and sakura movie! T^T I wana see what happens after sasuke traveled
I liked the movie every body is focused on naruto and boruto but sasuke had major charecter development in this movue and showed how far him and naruto have come
So I just watched Naruto: The Last again and I can't help but wonder what the fuck they were thinking while creating Hinatas personality in the movie. Toneri kidnapped Hanabi in order to steal her Byakugan. Hinata wants to rescue her... but upon finding out that Toneri ripped her Byakugan out, and seeing him clutch his eyes in pain... she gets worried about him... I can't stand her when she is with Toneri. Does she not love Hanabi? That's the only reason I can think of that would explain WHY she was worried about him after he tore her sisters eyes out, and they are causing him pain.