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Congratulations to Pokémon for hitting it's 20 year mark yesterday! That is amazing for any TV show animated or not. So I'm clapping with the rest of the Fandom. To celebrate the 20th anniversary.. An artist made Pokémon "real" take a peek. And some of our Pokémon we love actually look scary! Yikes!
I'm sorry Mewtwo scared me!
Gotta catch them ALL!
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This has gotten me thinking... Why don't they make a realistic Pokemon series/movie/game? Like that would be a lot of fun and it would honestly feel a lot more in depth than the actual show (not to mention I really love how all the "realistic versions" of the Pokemon look)
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@MaeKeyMae This is awesome!!!
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@Alletaire Good Question! That actually would be quite interesting.
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I'm starting to rethink catching them all.
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yaasss!!! so cool
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