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Two dangerous interests
So... No one asked but I have some MAJOR feels that I need to get out. I have no one else to tell but the vingle community. So there are two gentlemen (or bad boys) who have caught my eye and I have avoided researching because I am afraid they will steal my soul like Jackson did.
1# Jay Park So I have been in love with his songs μ’‹μ•„ and Solo and I love his voice. But he also can rap. He is so cute and dorky and sexy and ugh.... I just can't handle it. And I have fought the urge to look up every video ever made about him because if I do.....I will never accomplish another thing and he will steal my soul and rip my heart apart. But if anyone could give the some names to CLEAN songs of his I would appreciate it 😊
2# Jun.K I would say I am avoiding attachment but that isn't really true. I am already obsessed. I love his voice. I love the way he raps. I love how theatrical his music videos and music is. I love how wild he is. And he is so handsome it angers me. So yeah... That's my rant.
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as for Jay .... star, bestie, girlfriend, know your name, abandoned, λ©”νŠΈλ‘œλ†ˆ, promise
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Thank you 😊@Purplicious
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