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Hey everyone! This weekend I didn't really feel like going out. Something about alcohol is making my skin crawl. So I did some work on my E.P. that's coming out in late March! Music has always been my first love, and I never feel better than when I'm playing it.
Saturday is usually reserved for debauchery and late hours. Tonight, this weekend rather, I haven't had much energy.
Once I picked up my guitar I knew that I'd be recording all night. I've been putting off this process for a while, because mixing is not my strong suit. But in lieu of the fact that I don't have the money for a professional studio, I decided it was time to get going.
I kept fumbling around on the guitar, and ended up doing an original song, recording layer by layer, carefully. It sounds incredible.
Then, I realized that I wanted to screw around a I recorded a bonus track, which is a cover of "There She Goes" by British band Babyshambles.
I changed some words and put my own spin on it too!
Hope you're all having a great weekend, and if you'd like to hear my version it's available for streaming here.
I'm thinking about making it available for download too. If you guys are interested let me know!
You can listen to the original version above:
Musicians! I'd love to listen to your music. Comment links down below!
@Titplum thank you so much, that means a lot especially from a fellow Peter fan!
@TessStevens I finally managed to listen. It's awesome. I really, really like your version. You sing with emotion and a great intensity and I love the guitar. I'll definitily listen to your other stuff. Keep going!
Thank you that means so much, I'm glad that you liked it!!!!
Cool man, Bandcamp link shared =D
@DJamesBreaux thank you so much for the kind words! I made it downloadable at :) And yeah, a black and white video sounds like the perfect tonality!!!
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