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Alright guys, I'm working on an article for the website and the topic is "5 Kpop Groups That Are Underrated". I need you guys to list kpop groups you think are underrated and a convincing "arguement" (lol) why they are underrated and why they deserve to have more fans/exposure/popularity..Ok? ^.^ I'll include quotes from the ones that reply and mention you in the article also, unless you want to be listed as anonymous. :) I am in no rush, take your time (hehe) I'm tagging people I can remember off the top of my head lol tag your friends! @MattK95 @kpopandkimchi @nathalyalamo98 @KeziahWright @stevieq @SakuraBlossom96 @CheyenneJessee @KpopMom @marisamusic @PassTheSuga @aabxo @Emealia @Jiyongixoxo @KpopGaby @poojas @KwonOfAKind @KaceyDodge @amobigbang @B1A4BTS5ever @PrettieeEmm @JinsPriness86 @sherrysahar @KatelynSummerso @ninjamidori
UNIQ deserves more recognition. They can all dance, all of them beat box, and they work really hard for their fans in both China and Korea. I always like groups that have more than just Koreans because the diversity brings in a more variety of music. Yibo and Yixuan krump which is so cool to me. Seungyoun raps awesomely and speaks a ton of languages. And Wenhan and Sungjoo can sing like there's no tomorrow. They're all just goofy talented guys who are beautiful inside and out. The talents they have and the love and dedication they have for their fans earns them the right to more recognition. In my opinion anyway.
I know that History is underrated but I don't know why, I think it's because they don't get a lot of exposure, sorry if that doesn't help😖
Well I know you said to give you a list, so I kind of did give you a little list 😆, these are some groups (Boy Groups) that love so much and some that I can name off of my head, and the ones I think are kind of underrated, please don't get me wrong.. These are all groups that are so talented as a whole group and individually. UNIQ, MADTOWN, N.FLYING, SPEED, JJCC, HEART B, DAY6, BOYS REPUBLIC, MY NAME, HISTORY, NU'EST, Z:EA, TOPP DOGG, CROSS GENE, MR. MR., U-KISS, B.I.G., BOYFRIEND, UP10TION, BIG STAR. Why are these groups underrated? .. Well, I guess you can say even though they all try so hard and are such hardworking idols, and even have "WELL DAMN, and OMG" visuals, despite having craaaazzy talent voices and skilled dance moves, bomb-diggity fashion, sometimes even offering so much, or either being promoted or maybe even marketed a bit poorly by their companies, some fans seem to overlook or push them away and these diamonds seem to be shadowing overrated groups. Why they deserve to receive more fans, exposure, and popularity? ..Hmm.. In the Kpop world, competition is so fierce and so many groups are debuting and are also trying so hard to reach fame. There are many groups who have been working so hard for years, that are now starting to get the popularity they've been working for. These groups makes debut into the Kpop world, they reach out with their talented voices. These groups that I think are underrated produce such great music, they are just as hard working as those who are also overrated. Even if they have been working for so many years, they have also trained for so many years, and it doesn't matter if they barely debuted in the last few years.They make music that top in music charts but not in fans' heart, let alone topping in popularity. They just need some love!!
High4 is sooooo good. Vocals and Rap is amazing. They have great songs, amazing MV and need love.
BigFlo is another great group that not to many follow. They have an amazing rap unit too. All of them are very talented and I hope they get more of a following.
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