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5 Underrated Kpop Groups/Solo Artist
Alright guys, I'm working on an article for the website and the topic is "5 Kpop Groups That Are Underrated". I need you guys to list kpop groups you think are underrated and a convincing "arguement" (lol) why they are underrated and why they deserve to have more fans/exposure/popularity..Ok? ^.^ I'll include quotes from the ones that reply and mention you in the article also, unless you want to be listed as anonymous. :) I am in no rush, take your time (hehe) I'm tagging people I can remember off the top of my head lol tag your friends! @MattK95 @kpopandkimchi @nathalyalamo98 @KeziahWright @stevieq @SakuraBlossom96 @CheyenneJessee @KpopMom @marisamusic @PassTheSuga @aabxo @Emealia @Jiyongixoxo @KpopGaby @poojas @KwonOfAKind @KaceyDodge @amobigbang @B1A4BTS5ever @PrettieeEmm @JinsPriness86 @sherrysahar @KatelynSummerso @ninjamidori
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Bigbang. Just kidding lol
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Thank you all for your replies! The article will be up later tonight! I'll create a new card with the link.
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Stellar needs to be added to this list. Yes I know there videos used to be very over sexualized but they're vocals are simply amazing. They've taken a lot of hatred and have stayed strong.
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Well Boyfriend had forever been the cute boys next door which I'm not complaining about they were great! But if you watch the video for The Show where they performed Witch back in what 2014? They were not prepared when they were announced as the winner against 2AM, VIXX (already won 2 consecutive times going on their third time with Error), Jieun, and Zhoumi. When they were first announced every member looked to their leader who was just as confused. The group was in shock before they knew they won! Donghyun had already placed his microphone into his pocket with the thought of not winning. Youngmin burst into tears as some fell to the floor crying. They know they aren't popular which is saddening to me. This wonderful group is amazing and humble. You do not hear about Boyfriend very often mostly because they haven't had a comeback since Bounce only how Youngmin moved a fan out of harms way. Boyfriend is coming out with new concepts of twisted fairy tales of Peter Pan, Red Robin Hood, and Alice in Wonderland. In the Boyfriend community, there's hardly any cards for them mostly because you see cards of other groups which over shadow them. Donghyun is a great leader, the others look up to him and his voice is amazing! Hyunseong also has a great voice, is the support and muscles of the group! Jeongmin voice is ahh!!! It's so soothing and smooth he could lull you to sleep peacefully. He also happens to be the joker of the group and uses a quick tongue to get out of situations! Youngmim has an amazing voice too but is considered to me the underrated vocal of the group /: Kwangmin is a great person and can sing as well! but he is one of the rappers of the group who may not be as great as GD or any other great rapper Minwoo another rapper is also the great dancer of the group his style is different but he still has the young eccentric bouce to him this went longer than anticipated.. sorry if I rambled lol
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