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for my birthday my mom said that instead of party she would give me $100 to spend on anything that I wanted . so for my birthday my brother took me to Koreatown. best place in the world the food is freaking amazing. plus there are malls and stores. In almost all the mall there were stores where they selled pure kpop things I was like heaven .best day of my life . .
my brother brought me a bts blanket for my birthday , I got taemin new ablum, bts ablum the most beautiful moment in life part. 2 ,stickers, post cards,and a taemin poster of his new ablum.
I got bts posters
Haha it looks like jimin butt is shining. damn jimin that butt thou
bts stickers which came with the posters
and card today was the best birthday ever and I now know what I'm doing for my next birthday
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Happy birthday and happy for you in getting all that u wanted. 😀