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Game made by @jessicaacosta90 I'm getting so close to completion.
1. I guess protesting won't get me very far here. 2. Dude really? Mr. I don't keep my lips to myself. 3. You should be apologizing for something else but....
4. Did you just politely shhhh me? Do you know who I am? 5. Why do you insist on dragging me around like a rag doll?!? 6. Now I really look like I'm being kidnapped.
7. Really first your lips now your hands. 8. huh? you're a strange one. 9. You again? You are worse than my pop up niece @jessicaacosta90
10. act your age 11. not surprised 12. Don't do that I'm confused enough as it is.
13. Nope that's not weird at all. 14. I won't get mad. I won't get mad. 15. That's what you get.
16. Thank you for not waking me up. and you should thank me for not drooling on you. 17. Me? 18. Oh yay more surprises. did you sense my sarcasm?
19. Not my style but I will go with it. 20. I get my own personal show. 21. So you guys actually have real jobs. You don't bother me because you're bums.
22. I don't mind you since you let me sleep earlier. 23. I would growl at you but it's not lady like. 24. Who are you again?
23. What do you want? 24. What would like to tell me? I'm all ears. 25. Wait you boycotted yourself?
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Wooyoung is me 😍