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Jaejong is returning to Japan to conclude his Asian Tour! It is happening this June, 24 to 26! He will be performing for a total of 40,000 people at Yokohama Arena (40,000 lucky fans!!! sobs). Though Jaejong's solo album wasn't officially released in Japan, it gains popularity from iTunes and Amazon. Such love urges Jaejoong to return to Japan once more before ending his tour! Jaejong's first solo album "I" and repacked "Y" are also doing well domestically. The album count on Hantel is 140,000 while the real sales is expected to be around 200,000. Jaejoong ranks first in albums sales for a solo artist this year ^^ Jaejoong will be performing both songs from his albums and Japanese songs for his fans! His agency also revealed that he himself has taken part in the planning for his concert, as a way to thank his fans. I wish I could be there :( Source:
@saharjalpari9 totally he's precious <3
lol mee 2 everything abt him and I like how the red hairs look cute on him I love red hairs it doesn't suit everyone but he looks really cute he is awesome <3 <3 <3 @dreamgirl :-) thnx 4 asking me :-)
I love his voice and his smile... and just everything about him too. what about you? @saharjalpari9
I love jaejong <3